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Monday, August 24, 2015

Behind the Curtain, Allentown Burying Eichenwald Reform Measure

Robert Glazier, below the egg timer
Jeanette Eichenwald, who I like to call Allentown's very own Iron Lady, has opted against seeking a third term on City Council. But even in her last moments on Council, she is fighting hard for good government. She recently joined hands with Lehigh County Republican Vic Mazziotti to push a reform aimed at curbing pay-to-play. Prior to that, she proposed legislation that will give Council more oversight over how contracts are awarded. Though Julio Guridy has seconded the measure, Council members are trying to kill it in committee.

After its formal introduction last week, Eichenwald's reform was forwarded to Jeff Glazier's Budget and Finance Committee. But he refuses to conduct a hearing. This is completely contrary to what happens after a bill is introduced and seconded. Here's the run down, as it appears in an email chain that is public record.

Eichenwald to Clerk Mike Hanlon: "Did you forget to include in the Budget and Finance Agenda a discussion of the legislation to amend the manner in which service contracts are awarded introduced by Jeanette Eichenwald and Julio Guridy?"

Hanlon to Eichenwald: "Jeff did not want it on this agenda."

Allentown's Iron Lady
Eichenwald To President Ray O'Connell and Council: "Ray, The fact that Jeff Glazier has unilaterally decided that the contract bill is not on the Budget and Finance Committee agenda is absolutely disgusting and a disservice to the citizens of Allentown. It is customary procedure that once a legislation is seconded and assigned to committee, that legislation is placed on the committee agenda for the next meeting which in this case is August 26th. Jeff certainly has the right to vote against this legislation, but he does not have the right to stifle discussion on it. If Jeff does not want this legislation to be on the agenda of his committee, then Ray, as the president of the city council, has the right to assign it to a different committee.

Ray, as president of city council I expect you to enforce the customary procedure and avoid the need of my going to the public.

O'Connell to Eichenwald: "Jeff is the chairperson of Budget and Finance and has asked that it be not on this agenda due to the fact that he wants to form an ad hoc committee made up of council members and community members to do research on the topic and look at how other places handle this topic. With that being stated I support his decision and it will get on the council agenda in the VERY near future. I would respectfully ask that you support this endeavor.This is very important legislation going forth. Thank you.

Eichenwald to O'Connell and Council: "Here we go again. The plan that you and Jeff put forward is a delay tactic. The motion will be delayed again and again with the excuse that the Budget and Finance Committee is too busy reviewing next year's budget. Nothing that you have proposed obviates the fact that the legislation should be included in this month's agenda. You either want city council to have greater input in the awarding of contracts or you wish to continue the procedure that has led to an FBI investigation placing a dark cloud over the city. I and the citizens of Allentown will not be silenced by this disgusting ploy. There is absolutely no reason not to begin the discussion on this important issue NOW!! You can vote against the motion; you can create myriad ad hoc committees to discuss and research the motion; you can even hire consultants to study the motion, but it must be introduced NOW!!

Updated 1:10 pm: O'Connell denies desire to let bill die. His exact words: "There is no way shape or form that I want to kill this bill. This bill is certainly needed in Allentown.Jeff Glazier is the chair of Budget and Finance and asked me and others on the committee that he wants to form an ad hoc committee made up of council members and community members to get more insight and input concerning the bill. He would be looking at other cities,municipalities to gain the best practices available.

"I support that decision. I will not let this drag on for a long time. I would surely like to see something introduced and
voted on no later than the end of September. This is too important of legislation to rush it.

"Thank you for listening.'


Anonymous said...

Jeff G, learned his skill as an absolute mouthpiece tool shilling for Oueen Karen when she ruled the ASD with an iron fist.
He's marginally brighter than most of his fellow
band of cronies but no less pathetic.
Sleepy Jeff is a regional embarrassment,

Anonymous said...

Jeff Glazier is a political pawn incapable of making a decision on his own. Always was and always will be as was his legacy at ASD. No doubt he is acting to garner the largess of others, same way Ray does ever since you know what happened. City council is a clown club, Eichenwald excluded, Little boys playing grown up games directed by the influence of the moment, behind the curtain. Ironic the only person with any cojones on city council isn't even a male.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone shocked that Jeff who was the stooge president of the ASD board continues to be nothing but a pathetic pawn?

Anonymous said...

ASD is as bad as city council.

Anonymous said...

The way he treats his fellow taxpayers is indicative of the way he may treat his customers.

Anonymous said...

Fed Ed is still pulling the strings as puppet master.

Anonymous said...

Democrats ruling with an iron fist.

Gotta love the one-party town that is the City Without (Spending) Limits.

Or else!!!

Unknown said...

^^^ and the GOP has run to the 'burbs!

Anonymous said...

In next Sunday's Morning Call, Alan Jenning will be informing us what has to be done to address this situation.
Help is only a week away.

Anonymous said...

It is an embarrassment that we even need to put a law on the books saying you need to bid contracts out fairly, and not give no bid contractors to your political contributors.

Any slow play of this by the Council really shows a lack of integrity and honesty.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff did not want it on his agenda."
Enough said.

Perhaps taxpayer advocate and NIZ Board member Alan Jennings can head the Blue Ribben committee Councilman Glazier is set to commission to poffer recommendations on how council should be performing the responsibility it's been charged to carry out in the name of the citizens and taxpayers of Allentown, now that Jennings has put toward a plan on protecting tax payers with more Hockey Palace events.

One couldn't make this stuff up.

local said...

Unfettered cronyism is the way of life here in Allentown.
King Pullpudsky and his entourage should be long gone.
The City council SHOULD represent the entire population and not just a couple
wealthy investors.
Ms. Eichenwald is the only Intelligent, honest member of the Allentown City Council.
The rest are just scurrilous reptiles waiting for their comeuppance.
This is a sad situation we taxpaying citizens of Allentown find ourselves bound to.

Allen Howells said...

@ 9:46,
Bingo! Well said!
And I have trouble believing that a law dictating fairness in contract awarding does not already exist!

Anonymous said...

It's the City Without Limits.
What part of that don't you get?

Anonymous said...

If the rubber stampers backed this they would be admitting that there's a problem. They are between a rock and Pawlowski

Anonymous said...

Is he really or is campaign contribitors e traordinai, OZ true just proping these circus sticks up¿!($

Will they be reading aloud what was redd last week prepaired by the gag law press¿!($ Than the could be seeing the DOW has dropped over 500 points on friday at close of day and than another 1000 in the early tradig today¿!($

No worries here with the circus is comming and must go on LVHN formally known as The Great Allentown Hospital Circus freeks and geeks of the back midway of years past in this massive medicaid fraud caper collusion transplants arriving as a statistical fictisious number count invoiced for¿!($

patent pending

Chris Casey said...

This Maneuver by Glazier and O'Connell should not be surprising. Jeannette E has called it exactly as it is, an attempt to buy time and/or bury it. I am so glad I don't live in Allentown anymore. Sure we have our own versions of the BS out here in the Macungies, but the millions of dollars worth of mismanagement taking place downtown is staggering. The list of questionable deals will keep growing longer.
Maybe Ray, Jeff and Julio can get together and sponsor legislation to give the City a new, up to date, more accurately descriptive motto, such as "City without Ethics." I don't care what their party affiliation is, bad government is bad government, and most of Allentown's electeds have been exposed as at the least inept, incompetent, and POSSIBLY criminal if directly involved in the Pay to Play game.

Anonymous said...

The City Without Representation

Anonymous said...

. This bill is certainly needed in Allentown.Jeff Glazier is the chair of Budget and Finance and asked me and others on the committee that he wants to form an ad hoc committee made up of council members and community members to get more insight and input concerning the bill. He would be looking at other cities,municipalities to gain the best practices available>

And this will take about 15 years to accomplish.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you want nothing done form a committee to do it. Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what Alan Jennings recommends.

Anonymous said...

We get along. "We agree to disagree" but that only works if it is done "my way".