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Friday, August 21, 2015

Jim Hunter: Watching the Bucks ... and the Does

Doe hunting licenses first became available on July 13 to state residents in any one of 23 different areas. Much of Northampton County, for example, is in WMU 3D. Hunters seeking a license pick out three Wildlife Management Units in case the first or second choice is sold out. Nonresidents can apply for license, too, but they must wait until July 27.

Northampton County is one of 12 licensing agents for the state. Lehigh County does not accept applications for doe licenses.

According to Scott Parsons, at least ten hunters have complained to him that they sent in applications for doe licenses to Northampton County, but have been turned down in the northern areas that are sold out.  He has been told that other hunters who have applied elsewhere were able to get their first choice honored. "It seems to me the problem is here," remarked Parsons, wondering whether staffing shortages have resulted in processing shortages.

Fiscal Affairs Director Jim Hunter denied there are any staffing shortages. Staff in Revenue is down one person, but there have been no delays in processing applications promptly, even if overtime is required.

After Hunter was done explaining that there have been no issues, Hayden Phillips remarked, "Not only do we have this guy watching the bucks, but now we have him to watch the does."


Anonymous said...

That was not funny, taxhiker.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just scrolling through this blog and saw this post and I'm surprised that the county denies staffing shortages in the revenue department. I happen to know since they opened the satellite office and over the past few years of working for the county the number of clerks in that office went from 12 to 10, and when I go into the office sometimes many of the desks are empty because of them being pulled to the other office or illness and because of the overwhelming workload expected they have been leaving in droves as soon as they can.........huh, might want to rethink and be honest about the status of many of the departments in the county losing many workers because of the stress, short staffing, and being underpaid for all the work that's expected of them......feel sorry for that office those ladies are always going out of their way but when talking to them they are so overwhelmed by the workload and deadlines they are tired of not being listened to when trying to get more help.....county is losing so many good employees because they have no idea what each department even does to try to help the employees be more productive and less stressed......