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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Opinions Online Also Now Includes Phone Capability

Opinions Online, which I hope to make a regular Saturday feature, now has a phone feature. You can click on the button on the left sidebar to post your thoughts on any topic. You can also phone in a comment by calling 385-325-2564. At this point, I have received five comments for this week.


Anonymous said...

Anybody going to "Catholic Woodstock" in Philly when Pope Francis comes at the end of September? They are expecting millions of "pilgrims" (translastion: older people, many with mhealth issues, and thousands of bus loads of kids). Does anyone think Philadelphia is prepared and can handle it?

Anonymous said...

Those will be the ones trying to stay out of hell, as for us in pa especially allentown pa are and have been in hell since the current corrupt administration head took the helm of the MMO sinking sunk ship?!)$ There are allot of imposters today well what with the palumpadome the best is the public posers pimping the small childrens funds as well as any other ASSet reel or imaginary?!)$

patent pending