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Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Save Costs, Republicans Will Cancel Christmas

In addition to their evil plans to destroy Medicare and Social Security, House Speaker John Boehner is now apparently working on legislation to cancel Christmas, too. At least that is what some White House officials say.


Anonymous said...

I love how the WH suddenly cares about the spending money of the citizens.

That the WH would stoop to such levels underscores how scared they are that the Tea Party-backed Republicans are standing strong

Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't give shit about Christmas. Ramadan, maybe. But not Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yes , but legislatures and staff still get paid.

If we are all asked to sacrafice, what benefits are our legislatures giving up?

Patrick McHenry said...

Every time I think the President and his administration can't go any lower, they prove me wrong.

This is the slimiest bunch in the White House since Nixon.

Anonymous said...

No question that Harry Reid has a real plan. The Bohner plan is pure politics, set to coincide with elections next year. The people who decide elections, the Independents have taken notice.

Both parties are disgusting pandering bums, so we have to hold our noses and pick the lesser of two malodorous choices. At this point the Republicans are proving not to be the more serious option.

Jason Long, Independent

Anonymous said...


The rhetoric of the Democrats is as audacious as it is predictable. They wouldn’t be so bold with their claims if they weren’t confident of the media’s total fidelity to their cause. That being said, the notion that the occurrence of a holiday season would prevent/preclude the congress and the president from doing the public’s business is specious at best.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Bernie, do you ever tire of being a Charlie Dent toadie?

Patrick McHenry said...

Jason -

Reid has a plan? You're right!

It's to keep us from seeing the damage done by the Democrats reckless spending until after the election.

I find it difficult to believe that thinking independents would fall for a plan that gives us an immediate $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling (to be spent immediately) for $2.2 Trillion in phoney spending cuts made over the next ten years.

That's a recipe for economic disaster, and not something that I want to pass onto our children.

Chris Miller said...

A couple of observations. I would suggest that you will see a combination of the Reid and Bohner bill and I think it will pass. From what I have heard the two plans are really similar. Are we surprised at that. Which leads me to my second observation, "both parties are disgusting" and you are correct. I would suggest that we need a program that will find young people who are interested in politics and are willing to start at the local level and work their way into higher levels of government if they so chose. We also need an amendment on term limits. Yes, I know we do that every election cycle but a challenger to a long term Congressman or Senator is in trouble from the outset due to lack of identiy and money. These two issuea and more must be addressed in the year of the bilion dollar presidential campaign we will be looking at for the seond time. Thus a time limit for the senate and congressman. Why not go back to appointed Senators who would then have to rely on the home folks for money instead of getting bucks from across the nation. We should also reduce the senate term to 4 years and thus 2 term and 2 terms in the house. Then they go home as the Founder intended.

Rashun Zuidema said...

May the curse of a million locust plague the senate and the house

not so casual observer said...

if we cannot trust our government does it mke sense have them appoint our senators?

Anonymous said...

The tea party has shown itself as the extremist organization many knew it was. They as extremists are out of character with America. They will be soundly defeated next round of elections. Another footnote in American extremist history.

Americans are more concerned with social security and medicare than they are about tax loopholes for billionaires and corn and oil subsidies.

Reality Now!

Anonymous said...

The republicans had no problem raising the debt ceiling every time Bush wanted it raised, whats the problem now ,politics as usual.The speaker of the house says the president wants to raise your taxes, Mr. Speaker tell the truth about whose taxes they want to raise,the wealthiest and the largest corps.that can afford to have them raised,you want to put it on the backs of everyday workers who are strugling to just get by.Just bullshit politics again by the republicans once again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bernie, do you ever tire of being a Charlie Dent toadie?"

Dude, if my writing bothers you, don't read it. I'm nobody's toadie, but you have the right to feel that way and if you do, you should stop reading me.

Anonymous said...

This administration has raised the debt in 2 1/2 years three times as much as Bush did in 8 years, Bush also was dealing with 911 and Katrina.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Bush ever dealing with Katrina. Oh, I'm sorry I forgot he flew over it and watched a DVD about it. My bad!

I believe the debt limit was raised around 17 times during the Reagan Administration.

Anyone have any teabags?

Anonymous said...

It's all BS. notice how they always talk about 10 year numbers. Fact is, there are no actual reductions in spending in any plan.
Thier real plan is to contunue to buy thier incumbency through dependency on the government using money collected from the ChiComs and the 50% who actually pay taxes

Anonymous said...

I pay taxes and I want to see SS and medicare saved.