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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Hanover Township's EMTs

From left to right: Johnny Cruz, Karen Van Why (Captain), Tracy Luisser, Pat Hogan, Susan Lischner and Mindy George
A state law that will take effect early next year requires every municipality in the state to have an EMS provider. At their July 26, 2011 meeting, Hanover Township's Board of Supervisors unanimously selected Hanover EMS, which is part of the Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company.

"Hanover had been doing a great job for us for many years, and we felt they could still continue doing a good job for us," explained Supervisor Glenn Walbert, who was part of a committee reviewing different agencies. "We wanted transparency of the finances of the operation to insure that when we buy an ambulance, they will be there to use it," he added, noting that the Volunteer Fire Company has had an excellent working relationship with the Township.

Addressing six black tea-shirted EMS members in the audience, Chairman John Diacogiannis complimented them and Walbert for taking the time to hammer out an agreement. "It seems like it took a long time, but good things take time," he said.

There are currently 8 career EMTs at Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company, who are supplemented by around 20 volunteers. Led by Karen Van Why, its two ambulances responded to 895 calls this year, as of June 30.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully more municipalities will follow the requirements of Act 37 of 2009 requiring EMS availability 24/7/365. The Hanover Township Board should be congratulated for taking the lead. Others need to follow quickly to meet the 1/1/2012 mandates.

Anonymous said...

Do any of them have PFA's against them?

Bill Coker said...

My congrats to these guys who do a tough job in a tough time. We all owe them a vote of thanks,

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well said, Bill. Most of them are volunteers, too.

Anonymous said...

BLS only??? You have to be kidding.It is not cost effective or efficient to continue to send two ambulances to one call.

Anonymous said...

Hanover’s Fire Company is incestuous. Everyone is related. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re not they ridicule you and make you feel unwanted.