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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ron Angle, Jr., Cleared in Shoplifting Case

Back in December, when Ron Angle, Jr. was charged with shoplifting, he was tried, convicted and executed in the court of public opinion. When people can post anonymously and refuse to accept responsibility for what they write, things can get pretty vicious in a hurry. You see, Junior's dad is Ron Angle, and that in and of itself makes him a criminal in the eyes of some. Fortunately, our legal system presumes everyone, even people named Ron Angle, is innocent.

Something about these charges never made sense to me. Most problem shoplifters do it alone. But Ron, Jr., was with his girlfriend at the time. I know her. She's a good girl, if I can say something like that without being a sexist. Her Mom and Dad are good people, too. Ron stealing in front of her would be like me eating a twinkie in the middle of a weight watchers' meeting.
Here's the story as explained by Ron, Jr. He and his girlfriend went shopping at Sears. There were no carts or trays to carry things. While she was doing her thing in one part of the store, he was looking at tools. He saw a toolbox he liked, and decided to buy it. He also saw a tool e wanted to buy and put it in the box because he had no tray.

People inside the store were watching on video, and saw Ron, Jr. put the tool into the toolbox. At that point, they alerted cashiers NOT to open the toolbox when he stepped in line to pay.

Ron met up with his girlfriend, and they began checking out. Ron's toolbox was there, and he forgot about the tool inside of it. Now I know of no store that does NOT open boxes when you are at checkout, and the reason for that is precisely because there might be something in there that slipped your mind. I just bought a pair of shoes, and the box was opened at checkout. But this cashier was under instructions NOT to open the toolbox.

After paying their bill, Ron and his girlfriend were seized after exiting the store. In addition to grilling him, she was subjected to several hours of accusations before being released.

Upon hearing the story, Ron offered to get a lawyer for his son, but Junior refused. He told his father he would just go in there and tell the truth. If a judge refused to believe him, it would make no difference whether or not he had a lawyer. In fact, he told prosecuting attorneys exactly what he told his father.

Every time the case came up for trial, it was continued. Finally, in yesterday's mail, Junior received a notice telling him that the case had been dismissed for lack of evidence.

In his hate blog, the Fake Rev condemned Ron, Jr. the moment these charges were revealed, with absolutely no regard for the facts. "Ron Angle Jr. demonstarted [sic] yesterday that he will probably be just like his father. How deplorable!"

Actually, the straightforward way in which Junior handled this situation reminded me of both his father and mother. How sad to see a young man condemned simply because he is an Angle.

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Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa: Turns out I isunderstood what I was told yesterday, and that charges against Junior are still pending. My post is premature.