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Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank Heaven ... For Little Dems

Back in 2009, Lehigh County Dem party boss Rich Daugherty (not Dougherty) was all set to challenge LV Congressman Charlie Dent. Here's what he said then.

"My hope is that a top tier Democratic candidate will run for Congress in the 15th Congressional District. I will work with anyone who has an interest in running. I believe democracy works best when competing ideas are discussed, debated and put before the public. I believe I would be a viable candidate for Congress but right now I have not made any decision about running. I really enjoy the job I have now. And as a former District Administrator for Congressman Paul McHale, fully understand the demands and limitations on running for Congress and being a Member of Congress. My goal has always been to try to contribute to the community, have a job I enjoy, and be able to support my family. I have been very fortunate throughout my career in the Lehigh Valley, and the job I have now allows me to do that."

He was the party's sacrificial lamb back then, but bowed out once Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan stepped forward.

He's baack.

Daugherty has told The Morning Call he's running, regardless what Callahan is doing.

Will he step down from his position as Executive Director at the Lehigh County Senior Center?

Daugherty's willingness to run tells me Callahan is not, or that Daugherty recognizes that Callahan no longer has the star qualities to make him a "top tier" candidate.

Right now, Dent's evil political genius, Shawn Millan, is humming, "Thank Heaven for little Dems ...."


Anonymous said...

Don't worry it's still early in the cycle. It's a HUGE decision to run for Congress, the motivation has to be pure. The decision is a very personal thing and all family member need to be on board with it. The main thing is to get a candidate that is representative of the district and it's values.


Anonymous said...

I guess Millan hates the democratic process and free elections with choices. As does this blog.

Please identify yourself as an in kind contributor to Charlie Dent.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh, I love the democratic process. I'm sure Shawn does, too. I, for one, am delighted that Rick Daugherty is running.

Zorn said...

callahan will run for county exec or become a minor but loved exec for sheldon. dolan will pout, doncez will say, Oh shit when cunningham runs for mayor again, wee willy will fail with his hot girlfriend, which really isn'tbut gets the hots for dolan, hanna will kiss every asorn that he can and bethlum will be screwed again.

Anonymous said...

Rick is a great guy. A very decent man who would truly represent all Lehigh Valley residents.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rick is certainly a pleasant man who has never failed to respond to an email or phone call from me. He has never shied away from issues, either. I give him credit.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski could beat Dent. He's earned more votes, twice, than any D holding office in these parts. He's one of the most popular politicians in the state - by a lot. As Yogi said, you could look it up. His vote totals demonstrate it.

Patrick McHenry said...

Anon 8:56 -

I'm all for Pawlowski running - if he does the honorable thing and resigns as Allentown Mayor first.

Then Dent could clobber him.

It would be a win-win for the people of Allentown.

Anonymous said...

May I second the Pawlowski for Congress motion?

Cards on the table -- I support Charlie Dent.

Look at the local Democrats that could possibly run for Congress against Charlie:

Ed Pawlowski -- property tax increases and instituted a wage tax in Allentown.

John Callahan -- city running deficits. A bunch of property tax increases. Never delivered on the property tax relief that was supposed to be tied to the casino.

Don Cunningham -- good guy, but property tax increases as Mayor of Bethlehem and now as Lehigh County Executive.

Sal Panto -- property tax increases.

Maybe Jennifer Mann? She didn't light the world on fire when she tried to run for state offices.

Lisa Boscola? More baggage than an airport luggage carousel.

Anonymous said...

Of course the candidate that shares the values of the district most closely is the one caught in a comprising situation in the woman's restroom of a local establishment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The person who represents the values of the district most closely is the office's current incumbent, Charlie Dent.

Jenn Mann would be ripped apart for her consulting moonlighting with a state contractor.

There really is no viable candidate except Cunningham, but Dent and Cunningham stay out of each other's way.

Sal is doing a GREAT job in Easton, but is largely unknown outside of it. I think he likes what he's doing, and the City needs him.

I'd love to see Pawlowski run. That would be even better than Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:14 as has been said here many many many times.... demonstrate proof or STFU. I have been a Friend of Callahan for 30 years, go almost everywhere with him. The bullshit your saying is simply not true. Every time we go to the establishment they apologize vehemently and ask what if anything they can do to set things right. It's a bogus made up story, please stop disseminating it along with any other falsehoods.

and if you’re going to defame someone put your name on it son!


Anonymous said...

Rick is certainly a pleasant man who has never failed to respond to an email or phone call from me. He has never shied away from issues, either. I give him credit.

Witness the last positive thing BOH will say about this candidate.

Anonymous said...

Rick is a decent fellow who has contributed much to the community through his work at the Salvation Army and the Senior Center in Allentown. As a non-profit manager, he is very effective and he must feel strongly about the issues if he is willing to take up the thankless task of running for office especially against a guy as popular as Dent.

But if he believes that Dent is anti-senior, he is dead wrong. Dent is working towards insuring that Soc Sec and Medicare will be on firm fiscal ground. Nothing that the Democrats have done has achieved that and the only true cuts to Medicare are already IN Obamacare which cuts $500 billion from the program in 2013/2014.

I don't know how Rick is going to defend those Obamacare cuts which his party voted to make. Is he going to run on repealing those cuts?

Patrick McHenry said...

Bernie -

I'm curious about the question you raised about Rick possibly stepping down from his position at the Senior Center.

On the surface, it does seem to be a conflict. Could you give the reasons both for and against doing so, as you see them?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Running for Congress is practically a fulltime job, so he would either be ripping off the senior center or engaging in political activity on the nonprofit dime. That's why I think he would need to resign at some point, or take a leave of absence.

Anonymous said...

What was Pawlowski's percentage of the vote when he was re-elected mayor of the LV's latest city.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Don't have the exact figures, bt it was very high. He'd win big in Allentown again, even against Dent. But it would stop there. He's just not a likable guy. He can't look people in the eye, talks over people instead of listening, and distorts reality.

I always thought Dems were the party of the little guy. Increasingly, that is less so. Pawlowski is a perfect example. He steps all over the little guy to get what he wants. Minority merchants on Hamilton are batted around. Seniors trying to have yard sales are terrorized. The Fegleys, who are among his courtiers, displace a long-time restaurant at the Allentown golf course. The victim of a hate crime is snubbed. He makes appointments with potential City vendors to meet him at fundraisers.

He did handle the UGI gas explosion well, but aside from that, has only hurt the City.

Patrick McHenry said...

Anon 12:28 -

A quick visit to the LC website shows Pawlowski defeated a scandal-prone opponent by a large margin, percentage-wise.

But the percentage of victory is irrelevant, and only brought up by small-minded politicians and their supporters to claim a non-existent mandate.

A much more telling figure is Pawlowski's vote total, which fell by 22% (from 1995) despite the increased name recognition of being Mayor for the previous 4 years. That would seem to indicate that more and more people are recognizing Pawlowski for who he is.

That aside, I hope that Ed is buoyed by his percentage of victory into believing that he could beat Dent. Self-delusion is a Pawlowski strong point, and Dent would easily crush him.

Again, all this would benefit the people of Allentown only if Pawlowski resigned in order to run.

Anonymous said...

Sal Panto did not raise property taxes. While it is true that the earned income tax was increased it is at the least a tax on people fortunate enough to have a job. It didn't tax the unemployed or the seniors.

Easton is doing great and our mayor is cost conscious and frugal with taxpayer dollars. He balances a budget not by increasing taxes but by decreasing expenses. He is the most finanically conservative of allof the mayors. I am a Republican and I will be voting for him in November. He has done an amazing job in a city that is the most challenging of the three.

Sal don't run for Congress or County Executive, we need you right here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Seamus, why not put your "real" name on it!


Anonymous said...

Sour grapes. Ed Pawlowski is the most popular D in this area. He's won elections by wide margins and would win another if held today. He's certainly more electable than the other mayor who was simply embarrassing in his lame attempt. Cunningham is incredibly unpopular and could barely get out of the way of a certified nut. It's easy to understand why the haters should be very afraid of a Pawlowski run. He'd win.

Anonymous said...

"... at the least a tax on people fortunate enough to have a job."

Yeah. That's Panto's and Easton's attitude toward gainfully employed contributors. What assholes. No wonder the place is a worsening crime-ridden dump.

He raised taxes. At least you admit that. Damn, those rotten working bastards! There's no room for the likes of you in Panto's Easton!

Donald said...

We never thought Don Ritter would beat the very powerful Fred Rooney and Bill Clinton was not given any chance at beating George HW Bush and Hillary Clinton was the certain Democratic nominee -

But, it does appear you guy has the seat for as long as he wants it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

With respect to Pawlowski, I'd love to see him run for Congress. Sour grapes?Plenty from minority merchants on Hamilton Street. Plenty from people who don't like their City awash in red ink. Plenty from waitresses and barbers and others in the service sector who've been told their tip or haircut price should be considered a campaign contribution.

And look at the snarks at another Democratic Mayor as well as Cunningham. That type of condescenfding attitude towards people who actually are from here, and not Chicago, should really help.

I don't know if this comes from the Fleckster, Fegley or Lady MacBeth, but please convince King Edwin to run. It would be a dream come true for me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Donald, I agree strange things can happen. But Dent, unlike Rooney, will never take his seat for granted. He could go down, but not without a fight.

Anonymous said...

And with Shawn Millan you can be assured that fight will be in the mud!

Zorn said...

as u d's lay in the mud it won't be too hard to bring the fight there

Anonymous said...

Is Zorn another one of Bernie's mancrushes?