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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like A Good Neighbor, B. Braun Is There

Thanks to a special exception granted by Bethlehem's Zoning Hearing Board on July 27, the 330 employees at B. Braun Medical's corporate offices at 824 12th Avenue, will soon have a little room in their parking lot. In addition, their West Union Boulevard neighbors will have more room to park on the street.
This "win win" situation is the result of Braun's purchase of a vacant residential lot next to its parking lot. It will add 44 parking spaces to the 200 that currently exist. Myrna Rivera, Director of Corporate Benefits, told zoners many employees are forced to park along West Union Boulevard or other streets, and is concerned about their safety at night or during inclement weather. In addition, Braun is sensitive to the community. "We want to be good neighbors and we're taking their parking spaces," she lamented.

Hanover Engineering's Andrew Bohl, who did the design work for Braun, noted that the residential lot purchased for the parking lot expansion is right next to Route 378. He argued that a parking lot at that location is a much better use of that property than a residential dwelling.

Conceding that Braun is a good neighbor and that the "whole neighborhood was glad to hear they're adding more parking spaces," West Union Boulevard resident Coleen Giering asked for a speed bump in the alley to slow down delivery trucks and cars. But Zoning Officer Chris Bartleson noted that alley is a City Road, and Braun has no authority to interfere with it. But Chair Gus Loupos nevertheless asked Rivera to work on it. "If there is anything you can do, I think it would be a good idea," he suggested. Riversa agreed. "We have been good neighbors, and will continue to be good neighbors," she said.

Braun was represented in this special exception request by Timothy Charlesworth. "A special exception is not so special or an exception," he argued.

According to the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission's 2011 Profiles & Trends, B. Braun Medical is the 7th largest private employer in the Lehigh Valley.


Barron von Footinmouth said...

Another fluff piece defending another diabolical private corporation.

I'm heading over there in my mini kilt to threaten their management and step on their flower bed.

There's no place in my county for companies like this.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that was in jest.

We are lucky to have B.Braun in our area. They have offices/plants/warehouses in Bethlehem, Allentown and Macungie. I think people really just want to get rid of anything that adds jobs, then bitch that there are no jobs.

B.Braun gave me my first Engineering job back in 87 when they were Burron.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Seamus, That was a joke, and a funny one. The fellow who invented "Barron von Footinmouth" is taking Steve to his logical extreme, both with B Braun, Wegmans and Casilio. I ewish I could take credit for it. I certainly have plagiarized him, and ma very well write a post about this. The commenter's point is that we have many fine nonunion employers, as you yourself acknowledge.

We also have good union shops, too. I have a much higher opinion of private sector unions than those in the public sector.

Highlander Phil McCracken said...

The Barron is right. Imagine privateers like this evil corporation caring for his granny at Gracedale. Private companies are antithetical to The Barron's political mission. They should be considered guilty of a wide range of usual crimes and forced by Barron to prove their innocence. Then, he'll get to all those audits he's failed to perform.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I figured it was tongue in cheek but there is so much ignorance flying around right now from all sides so you really can't tell.


Anonymous said...

Barron MacRib says, "Put da babby in ma belly!!!"

Wren said...

1;52 PM - and you do so well at adding to it seamus

Anonymous said...

Wren, I have been on here for years and have established myself. How about adding something before you start a fight.