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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Little League World Series Continues Tonight

Friday's results:

Nazareth (2-0) hands Northeast Bethlehem (1-1) its first loss with a 10-0 pounding.

Pennridge (3-0) climbs over Mountainville (1-1) in a squeaker, 5-4.

Lehigh (2-1) eliminates the combined forces of Fountain Hill & East Side Allentown (1-2) from further LL world series competition with an embarrassing, 20-1, score.

Northwest Bethlehem (1-2) bows to North Central Bethlehem (2-1), 6-4, in a game marred by fielding errors. My grandson's team will watch the rest of the series from the sidelines.

District 20 teams eliminated so far are Freemansburg, CityLine, Hellertown, South Side Bethlehem, Northwest Bethlehem, Fountain Hill & East Side Allentown.

Sunday's games:

Two more teams will be eliminated on Sunday.

Mountainville (1-1) will be at Lehigh (2-1), 1 PM (Directions here).

Northeast Bethlehem (1-1) will face North Central Bethlehem (2-1) at 5 PM. (Directions here.)

The two undefeateds, Nazareth and Pennridge, get the weekend off.

Sunday Night Update: After its opening loss to Pennridge, Lehigh Little League has been on a tear. It has scored a whopping 49 runs in its last three games, and has allowed only 7. This afternoon, it stunned Mountainville,11 to 1. Its record now stands at 3 and 1.

The Northeast and North Central game was delayed as a result of angry thunderstorms, and will be played on the 4th at 1:30 PM.    


Anonymous said...

Nazareth recruits!

Just kidding. Love the baseball updates. Happy Independence Day.

Lighthouse said...

Always enjoy reading these. Politics and baseball, America's two favorite past times, and you cover them both.