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Friday, July 01, 2011

Little League District 20 All-Star Games Tonight

Little League Majors (11-12 yo boys and girls) are in the midst of the 65th World Series tournament right now, which will be capped off with a championship game in Williamsport on August 28. Locally, the following games will be played tonight.

Nazareth (1-0) @ Northeast Bethlehem (1-0), 6 PM. (Directions here).

Mountainville (1-0) @ Pennridge (2-0), 6 PM. (Directions here).

Lehigh (1-1) @ Fountain Hill & East Side Allentown (1-1), 6 PM (Directions here).

Northwest Beth (1-1) @ NorthCentral Bethlehem (1-1), 6 PM (Directions here).

Two losses and you're out. District 20 teams eliminated so far are Freemansburg, CityLine, Hellertown and South Side Bethlehem. Tonight, two more teams will fall.

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