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Saturday, July 09, 2011

LV Tea Party's Kim Schmidtner Has Stopped Watching

Last time I was at the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, in June, it was for my own trial. Two presenters, i.e. prosecutors, and a presiding officer who had already made up his mind that I was guilty as hell, put on a full trial, right down to a deadly power point presentation.

The charges? I had poked fun at them. Especially their so-called leaders, King Joe Hilliard and Queen Kim Schmidtner. And it's all true. It's what I do when I'm not rooting around in Pawlowski's garbage.  

Although the case against me was pretty compelling, I was acquitted, just like OJ and Casey Anthony. I just dug a deeper hole for myself, but tea party members like Donna Rovito, Mat Benol and Ronnie DelBacco argued insanity, and it worked.
Although Hilliard had promised to be the Grand Inquisitor, he was nowhere to be found. Nor was Queen Kimmie. Maybe they were sitting under their Route 22 billboard, watching with binoculars.

I'm told they were apoplectic about what happened to me, and Hilliard was going to do this and that at the next meeting. So I went. It was Friday night. I heard some jackass with a goofy belt that looked like a holster, talk about yet another Jefferson Davis Appreciation Day Picnic. Then I heard a member of the tea party get up and condemn that announcement, which drew a round of applause. But I did not hear a word from Hilliard. He was quiet.

Maybe he's working on that 2009 budget for Lehigh County, or solving another kids-for-cash scheme, as he claimed to have done in Luzerne County, over a slice of pizza.

I did not see Schmidtner there at all. If she was there, she did not speak.

But today, she sent this email to tea party members, chiding the board for not announcing her resignation.
I was surprised that the board failed to make a very important announcement at last night's monthly meeting that you as members should be made aware of. As of Thursday, June 29th, I resigned as Chair of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party Group.  I will, however, be continuing to fulfill the my term as an elected member of the Executive Board.If you care to know the reasons why I made this decision, please feel free to contact me.
Maybe they forgot or they're planning a parade or something.

I guess she's not watching anymore.

Now Mat Benol had been the tea party chair, but was basically forced to step down. My report about that is one reason why Hilliard and Schmidtner wanted to get rid of me. On the tea party web page, they post this announcement.
1. There was never a vote taken to impeach, censure, or otherwise remove Mat from his position.
2. Neither was there any discussion entertaining such a removal.
3. Mat’s resignation was a complete surprise to the Board.

Mat Benol has agreed to permit his own resignation letter, submitted in February, to be posted here. I'd put it up on the tea party site but still have no access. As you can see, one of Benol's sins is that he was too friendly with Congressman Charlie Dent.

Dear Executive Board Members:

I didn’t want to rush to a decision while I was still trying to process everything that happened on Sunday evening at our Executive Board meeting. I wanted to give myself some time to consider what’s best with a calmer mind set.

I have come to the conclusion that there will always be unnecessary battles between Joe, Kim and myself on the board. This is unfortunate because I have the utmost respect for both of them. I also regret the frustration that I caused Kim and anyone else with my poor decision to include the other EB candidates on the Discussion Board forum concerning the agenda.

I am not sure why there is so much animosity against me and my suggestions throughout my tenure. I’ve noticed I’ve been viewed with skepticism since I endorsed Charlie Dent in the General election. I did this on my own free will. We have all been told we are free to back any candidate we want-personally. Evidently this rule does not apply to me in the minds of certain individuals. Perhaps I could have been more attentive to emails but I am tired of defending every action I tried to take. Nor do I feel I need to be involved in every aspect of every part of the Tea Party group. As per our agreement on Sunday, we need to trust our committee heads, not micromanage.

Oddly enough, I am being accused of pushing a political agenda by someone who is actively working with the LCRC chair. I have been nothing but honest with who I have been speaking to, I can’t say others have been so forthcoming. With Joe’s involvement with the LCRC chair and other EB members (including myself) involvement as Chairs and Vice Chairs in the NCRC & LCRC, we do run the risk of being accused of being an arm of the Republican Party. It will be a difficult position to defend. Perhaps this is something for the next board to consider.

That being stated, as evident from Sunday night’s argument, I am being accused of a trumped ‘Conspiracy Theory’ of trying to change the direction of the group. Anyone who sides with me is included in this theory. No proof has been or can be offered, yet the charge is continued to be made. Similar to the argument that one didn’t vote for Obama because they are racist, it is impossible to defend such a basely theory. What makes the matter worse is it is being lodged by someone who never admits when they are wrong.

I love the Tea Party group and everything it stands for; however as an Executive Board Member combined with a few of the egos, my Executive Board membership makes me more of a hindrance than an asset. Staying on the board only means more infighting when we have bigger issues to address. There is also only one way to prove that I am not ‘working for’ or trying to ‘take over/split the group’.

I made the decision to remove myself from the group when I ran for Congress to protect the group. I find myself in a similar situation now. Therefore, I stand-by my resignation as Chair on Sunday night and I here-by resign from my position on the Executive Board.

I will remain an active member of the group. Please feel free to contact me for any help that I may give. As mentioned at the meeting, I will not be at the April Monthly meeting because I have a Father / Daughter dance. In light of everything that is happening, I will not attend the March meeting either.

This is the best time to resign since we have an election coming at the March meeting. As for the financial, year in review and future goals reports, I am still willing to help but I think the board should approve any involvement I have. There is also 1 interview scheduled and others to be scheduled, based on Mike Lordi’s report. I have no issues doing the interviews, nothing will be discussed about our current situation but I think this is something for the board to discuss as well. I have the yard signs at my house. I also have the group phone. I will hold on to both if it is approved. As witnessed at the meeting, I paid for my spot at the PA Conference. I will not be attending. Someone is free to take my spot which includes Dr. Krauthammer. I am offering my spot, not seeking reimbursement. Please do not interpret it any other way.

Thank you, Mat


gruntled said...

I've always liked Mat. I have more respect for him now.

Laura Degalarce said...

yet another set of in fighting idoits that think they can lead - the sadness of our nation

Anonymous said...

Well Bernie, I'll leave you and others to become mired in discussing petty group politics. There is much to be done whether trying to turn back the statists or preparing for an uncertain future. Time will run out any day now, and all this will seem very insignificant.

Anonymous said...

While the squabbling is interesting, it doesn't deflect from the fact that these groups have changed the entire political debate at all levels in a very short time. Nature abhors a vacuum. The progressive hope and change stuff turned out disastrously and their leader is busy playing golf and blaming the proliferation of ATMs for historically prolonged unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim was there. She sat in the back and kept her mouth shut. She was given every opportunity to speak too. Too afraid to stand up for her convictions I suppose. It's that or she didn't want to look the membership in the eye.

Anonymous said...

still unclear as to why Kim resigned. Does anybody have the story?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hilliard has claimed he is resigning, too. I believe it's a matter of wanting their own way and being unwilling to follow the will of the majority. I don't consider that a petty issue.

Anonymous said...

From my left-of-center viewpoint, I really am beginning to notice that the right lacks cohesion in these smaller groups and ultimately thrives on authoritarian leadership from figures like DeMint or Bachmann to "focus" their thoughts. SMH at the notion of Jefferson Davis appreciation coming from any person these days, or any group which harbors or permits such a member to remain within the confines of the group after they've insinuated the group be a vehicle for their hatred. Chastising these individuals is not enough: if the LVTP wants legitimacy, they need to focus themselves and come forward with a palatable, rational endgame.

Anonymous said...

It was inevitable that these people who coalesced ONLY upon of the election of Barack Obama would eventually fall apart. Jefferson Davis kind of says it all, no?

Donna Baver Rovito said...

The Jefferson Davis announcement was not part of the LVTP agenda on Friday evening, and was offered up by someone at the meeting (whom I have never noticed before at a meeting, incidentally, although that's not conclusive proof that he hasn't attended, just that he hasn't spoken up or distinguished himself in any way) during a "question" period.

With a few moments available at the end of the meeting, the vice chair asked if anyone had any questions for the board or the committee chairs. This person raised his hand and proceeded to make an "announcment" which he read from his cell phone, about the Jefferson Davis event.

When he was finished, most members looked either uncomfortable or puzzled, until another member raised his hand to be recognized and condemned the announcement. There was rousing applause at that point - there was none for the announcement itself.

At that point, someone else suggested that announcements (which could be misinterpreted as something the group supports, when it doesn't), be submitted in advance.

As Friday's speaker pointed out, the constitution doesn't guarantee that we'll never be offended when someone else exercises his or her right to free speech. One person, who may or may not BE a member, since the public is welcome at all of our general membership meerings, took advantage of an opportunity to promote a questionable event. I found the Jefferson Davis announcement to be extremely offensive, as did most other people in the room, as evidenced by the loud applause when it was condemned.

Some may recall that LVTP publicly and soundly condemned an independent congressional candidate for having accepted an invitation to speak at the same group's event during the 2010 congressional race.

That said, it's inaccurate and unfair to suggest that LVTP supports this lame event or the Jefferson Davis group when clearly the exact opposite is the case.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well said, Donna.

Anonymous said...

And since no other comments are allowed. I guess I must say, "well said, Donna".

Anonymous said...

I am offended, but I understand Donna (wink, wink).

Jefferson Davis

Donna Baver Rovito said...

Wink at someone else, Mr. Davis, not interested.

Anonymous said...

I understand Donna. We don't want people to get the wrong "idea". We only wear those rebel shirts and flags as ornamental. (wink, wink**)


Donna Baver Rovito said...

Don't know what meetings YOU'RE going to, "JD," but I've never seen any flags other than the Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden "Don't tread on me" flags at local tea party events. Perhaps if you take off the hood you're wearing you'd see better.

Anonymous said...

No problem Donna. I agree on tread on me or my country. I do enjoy the fact our meetings have stayed on the whiter side of things (wink, wink*). Love ya, sweet thing.


Bernie O'Hare said...


As I am sure you know, "JD" is a flamer who is misrepresenting himself as a bigoted member of the tea party in order to tarnish your group.

Anonymous said...

Hey watch you you call a "flamer" there O'Hare. given your history with cross dressing and mancrushes.

Donna Baver Rovito said...

Absolutely, Bernie, not only is JD a "flamer," probably in more ways than one, but he's pretty blatant about it, too.

I think he needs to re-take the "infiltrating and agitating" seminar over again.....perhaps he had his hands full and simply wasn't paying attention....

Anonymous said...

The Fox based conspiracy theories continue.