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Monday, July 18, 2011

Business Up 20% at No-Kids Restaurant

But that's only over the course of one week, probably the result of publicity generated by his new policy.


Cranky Willy Lohman said...

If the food's any good, I'll stop by on my trips to that area. No annoying kids and their more annoying parents is a nice incentive to check it out. Dining options there are typical mall area crap. Lots of kids out past what ought to be their bedtimes.

Zorn said...

all the a holes at the resturant must be dems or union puke teachers

purrduedvm said...

Hey I love the idea. As someone who doesn't have kids, I don't appreciate having MY experiences interrupted or destroyed by someone else's brats. Yes there are good kids out there - rare. Trust me. They bring the same uncontrolled kids into the vet office too. I know my mom took me out because I was a good kid but she wouldn't have stayed had I gotten out of hand and she most definitely would've corrected me - there were actual consequences. Good for them! Bad kids are like second hand smoke..

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bad kids are like second hand smoke."

I'll have to remember to plagiarize that line down the road.

Anonymous said...

We took our kids to restaurants. If they decided to misbehave and refused to stop, one of us would take the kids to the car while the other got the food wrapped up to go. We figured there were people who came out on a night off to relax and not have to deal with someone else's problems. My dad handled things the same way when I was young, though we knew better than to misbehave in public.


Anonymous said...

purrduedvm lighten up. You were a kid once too and probably had your tantrums in public. Kids are kids and for the most part act appropriately in restaurants. This idea is un-American and discriminatory. Kids today will be taking care of us in the future and will be paying taxes to prop up a social security entitlement program that they themselves will not benefit from.

Anonymous said...

Kids are getting worse every year. The under 6 crowd can be found in a whole variety of settings screaming and screeching at decibles too high for the human eardrum.

I would eat out more often if more restaurants adopted this policy. In fact, I think all stores in the area need to establish an "no kid time zone" so that patrons can shop in peace, if only for a few hours a day.