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Friday, July 08, 2011

Gracedale Census Continues to Drop, While Prison Population Increases


That's the census at Northampton County nursing home Gracedale, according to Executive John Stoffa. "I've never seen it that low," he remarked.

Gracedale has a licensed capacity of 725 beds.

In the meantime, the usual Summer's rush at the jail has it nearly bursting at the seams. Census there is hovering between 790 and 810, with a capacity of 822.


Anonymous said...

God, the layoffs are going to feel so freakin good. And with no more crazy unemployment extensions, it'll be even sweeter!

Anonymous said...

This is an engineered decline and Bernie O'Hare knows it. Go to Saving Private Gracedale for the truth!

Anonymous said...

did you check the admissions lately? we admitted 6 yesterday. we can't help the ones gracedale receive are sicker or they are there for rehab.. see how many were discharged to their own homes. maybe they should use a wing for just those cases. also, the newer residents are getting younger, so look out bernie you could be there soon!

Anonymous said...

The need for care for the elderly with mental illness is increasing. The closure of state hospitals will create a huge problem in the near future. Most private homes carefully select who they will admit. They do not want to accept residents who are not cost effective to the bottom line. You may find a home for your loved one in Mass. or NY, if you are lucky.

Gracedale's worth, if properly managed will become evident when we have new and more knowledgeable elected officials in place. These dime store Paul Ryan's don't understand local government and are ignorant of the issues that are part of the day to day operations of what county government faces each day.

I and many others look forward to the coming elections.

Abe McLincoln

Anonymous said...

Engineered to fail and doing a good job at it.

Anonymous said...

Get the real facts at "Saving Private Gracedale"

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lie after lie.