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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Angle Disinformation Refuted

"Ron Angle won't let Bangor inspect his rental properties, so they're taking him to court in September." That's what Lehigh Valley "Independent" gleefully reports. Sounds very bad, doesn't it?

Except it's complete bullshit.

Bangor Borough Zoning Officer Rick Fisher tells me Angle has always permitted inspections of his rental properties, although it's sometimes hard to get together with this whirlwind. No action has been filed, nothing is scheduled for September, and Fisher has not even written to Angle about these inspections. "It's not exactly very high on my list of priorities."

Bangor does require an inspection at rental properties every four years. As Fisher explains it, it usually takes several phone calls before he can inspect, but he's not worried. All of Angle's rental properties have been inspected at least once, and in the last four years.

Blogger Jonathan Geeting should have checked his source, a local hate blog intent on removing every Northampton County Council member with an "R" behind his or her name.  Angle is up for re-election, so he's being muddied up with disinformation. Geeting must know this, but what's a lie here and there if it gets rif of Angle, eh?


Anonymous said...

all I can say Bernie is that " you are completely disgusting. All the good works you do as Blogger goes down the tubes when you defend yur friend Angle. you aren't the bottom feeder Bernie. Ron is. He has a record as long as a mountain lions tail. Please stop already with your defense of this poor excuse for a human being. He was arrested for several different criminal activities and has bought his way out of most of them. Because he hasn't been found guilty (even though he is) you suck up for him. Granted, Ron is a likeable guy, and in many ways an effective councilman, but that doesn't clear up his brushes with the law.

Anonymous said...

Read your description of a hate blog and the type of activity it is involved in. Sounds like Lehigh Valley Ramblings

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

who's this Geeting you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Wait, what? Jon Geeting didn't fully research something before publishing it?


But Bernie, I'm sure he's mature enough to recognize that when he makes a mistake he should own up to it and set the record straight. You'll only have to badger him about 100 times, he sorta likes to ignore it when he's 100% wrong on the facts.

Anonymous said...

Should I corner John with a pair of my shoes?


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, a solid candidate is running against the ersatz man of the people and will dethrone him.

Republicans - the cloth coat kind not the blue blood country club type you rail against - have had enough of his antics and constant embarassment.

And he has no one to blame but himself. His standard tactic of bullying and intimidation brought him an opposition candidate.

How much would a 1 mill tax increase cost your buddy? You seem very adept at unearthing information from the recorder of deeds office.

By the way, still no confirmation about his sunshine act violation and surcharge?

The moon waxes and wanes. Angle is on the his way out. He will just have to tend to his private interests from the other side of the podium no longer under the guise of advancing the public good.

Take time out from your bottom feeding focus and tell the truth for a change.

Anonymous said...

Why is anybody talking about rental property in Bangor?


Bigger Issues

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever found out what exactly is 'independent' about Geeting's blog? It is about as tilted a blog as can be.

Does anyone believe that anyone believes that LV Independent is anything but dependent on the Democrat party and the liberal extreme wing of the part at that?

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily, one's military service distant in time would be a matter of little if any relevance to a candidate. But when a candidate prefaces nearly every public comment wrapped in the flag touting his past military service as a Marine, it prompts one to wonder about the terms of separation from the service.

How about either answering that question or in the alternative exacting a promise that he won't use "marine" in every other sentence?

How about getting "dis" information for us.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Amazing. After lying about Uncle Jimmy, you follow up with another lie about Angle being dragged into court in September by Bangor zoning. Now you slam him because he is a Marine. Angle does NOT use the word "Marine" in every other sentence, but he is proud of his military service and should be proud of it. You, on the other hand, smear him without identifying yourself.

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi Mr Angle... Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Go back and read about how Angle claimed to be in the Presidential guard detail.

Mr. Angle has become both a hindrance and an embarrassment to District four. It is time for some new effective representation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Angle was stationed, for two years, in the prestigious Marine Corps barracks in Washington, D.C. That duty is considered an honor.

But yeah, what do we need with somebody who served his country with distinction. Far better to have a political hack.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The D.C. barrack s is the oldest post t within the Marine Corps, and the site was selected by President Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Only the best Marines get to qualify for that post. It is a tremendous honor for a Marine and I say Ron, Semper FI with utmost respect.

Anonymous said...

Big Chicken Dinner?

Anonymous said...

What's with the funkadelic keyword hyperlinks? Is it my browser or some plot to make me buy something with the money I don't have?

Anonymous said...

He claimed he was on the Presidential detail. He exaggerated, not that is anything new for Ron boy.

Don't play dumb O'Hare, you know what he did. A fellow Republican called him on that lie years ago.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You cite no news account or anything else to support your accusation. Angle was stationed at the Marine barracks for two years, and it is conceivable that in that time, he may have served on one or two Presidental details. I don't know bc I never asked him and never heard him brag about what he did in D.C.

It's getting pretty pathetic when you resort to attack someone who served his country.

Enrika Gerraugty said...

hey, lay of angle. if it were not for him norco would have no entertainment or personality

Anonymous said...

Bernie, when are you going to post about the Stoffa/Atiyah 20 year lease controversy?

Bernie O'Hare said...

On my schedule, not yours.

Anonymous said...

Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I am a Marine who didn't serve in a war, i.e. Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan but I am a Marine. It doesn't matter, 8th and I (Washington Barracks) or a cook, all Marines are Marines. Why Mr. Angle is being slammed for being proud of what he has done, it is what it is.

Look at our council candidates, how many are Marines? At one point, there could have been three Marines on council. That would have been interesting.

No matter what service you have been in, thank you for serving. If you didn't serve, drop the subject of someone being proud to serve. If you want to enjoy freedom, go earn it as we did!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am ex-Army and was a very undistinguished soldier. Angle likes to ask me which side I was on. I was that bad.

But no Marine ever considers himself an ex-Marine. Every one of them is proud of what tey have accomplished, whether they served in peace time or combat.

And they should be.

Ken Kraft, a Council candidate, is a Marine. So is Seth Vaughn, his opponent. Both of them mention their prior service, and both of them should mention it.

John Stoffa, Ron Angle and Tom Dietrich are all veterans. The late Wayne Grube was a vet. So is Jerry Seyfried. Everyone of these people should be commended, not condemned.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest Bernie. If that is all you can do to salvage Angles crashing campaign, it won't be enough. His actions as a councilman have doomed him to defeat.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Give it a rest?

In the past few days, you have gone from (1) intruded into a private family matter concerning Angle's uncle, violating HIPPA in the process; (2) lied in your accusations about Angle and his deceased uncle; and (3) lied in stating that Angle is being taken to Court in September over Bangor rental units. And you have repeated old smears that have been used against Angle in three previous elections.

When I do a little digging and discover this is completely false, I'm told to give it a rest and am attacked, too.

I'd ask you to give it a rest, but you are actually helping Angle by posting such easily refuted lies.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of Marines, check out this link! This is seemingly Angle's world too.


Anonymous said...

I heard he sometimes doesn't tip 20% and doesn't like the movie, "The Sound of Music."

Anonymous said...

So was there a war going on, and Ronnie-Boys Dad had his special little boy serve in DC, verses overseas with the real Marines?

Rick Fisher said...

Ron Angle and I met yesterday and have agreed to complete his rental inspections by the end of the summer.

Rental inspections are an important component of Bangor's Residential Rental Ordinance. We take these inspections seriously. Recent multiple violations by various tenants in 2011, along with the establishment of the Disruptive Conduct Appeals Board, has forced our office to temporarily focus our priorities on enforcing tenant responsibilities.

We are planning on resuming rental property inspections again in September, including those landlords who have not previously cooperated with our scheduling requirements.

Landlords who continue to ignore our inspection requests may face legal action from the Borough, including but not limited to the revocation of their rental license or registration and monthly fines for non-compliance.

While non-compliant landlords may not be a high priority right now, the term "right now" is time specific. In September, "right now" will be redefined as "time's up"

Bernie O'Hare said...

Angle enlisted out of high school in '63 and served until '67. He was active duty and went where he was told. His father was a rail road man and had no pull. Boy, you folks are sick.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rick, Thanks for your comment. Rick IS the zoning officer, and can attest that no action has been filed against Angle, nor was his case scheduled for September.

Of course, now people have moved on to attacking Ron for being a Marine.

Ken Kraft said...

I can not believe you gutless Anons attacking Ron on his service in the MARINES for his country. I think this has reached an all time low and I will say: Thank you for serving Ron.

From a fellow Marine E-5 and PROUD

Bernie O'Hare said...

Very classy, Ken. You are Ron are on different teams politically, but you courageously stood up for decency. Like a Marine.

Ron does not use computers, but I will make sure he knows how you stood up for the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Ken, keep that up and you may become an O'Hare mancrush. if that happens you are in with Bernie and this blog.

Don't tell him about your close relationship to Steve Barron and Walt Garvin though.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

You miss the point. Every one who serves in the military should be commended. The question what were the conditions of his release?

Simple question.

Honorable or General?

Check his little diatribe when he spoke from the podium after being ousted from the Presidency.

It only took about 3 sentences before he waved the Marine flag.

Needless and irrelevant but not a standard rhetorical practice for him.

If he wants to brag about it, then lets have the whole story.

Was he Honorably Discharged and if not why not?

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are one sick little bastard who fails to realize how many people you've pissed off. Of course Angle was honorably discharged. File an FOIA request if you think differently, but don't post garabage you know nothing about.

Ken Kraft said...

Anon 7:44

I think that he already knows that I know Steve Barron and Walt Garvin and all the other people you could mention.

What difference does that make in the simple fact that you are calling someone's military service into question?

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused Bernie. You made your points. Why not just disable comments. You have done it before. There is really nothing useful to be gleaned from this entry anymore.

We all know Mr. Angle was in the Marine Corps, like most servicemen I am sure he is proud of his service. As someone who can relate to that, I see nothing more to gain from the post. Ultimately Mr. Angle's service record as a Marine is irrelevant to his conduct and responsibility as a county councilman.

Time to put this one to bed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Service in the military is an asset to whatever role one assumes in later life. I generally do not disable comments until several weeks after a post. But I'll do it bc a post about Angle's supposed reluctance in permitting rental inspections, refuted by the zoning officer himself, has fgone from attacks at his service in the Marines, and from there to questions about how he was discharged. Next they'll be asking to see his birth certificate.