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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Paul Anthony Takes Over Reins at GPA

Though Northampton County provides video access to every meeting, and pays dearly for it, it means nothing if those who participate fail to use the mikes. This morning, the newly constituted General Purpose Authority (GPA) met for the first time since Chair Shawn Langen and his sidekick, Shawn Donahue, resigned. It was virtually impossible to hear the meeting. I can forgive GPA members, who are 
there part-time, for forgetting. But it is absolutely inexcusable that David Hughes, a county employee who is essentially serving as the board's administrator, would fail to insist that the mikes be used. It totally defeats  transparency. It also makes the videos a waste of taxpayer money. Not only did Hughes fail to insist that members use the mike, he failed to use one himself. What resulted was a meeting of mumbles.

I know Paul Anthony was elected Chair and that the KingSpry firm was named temporary Solicitor. I also know that the GPA took steps to sever the relationship with Philadelphia law firm Conrad O'Brien, which had been retained by the GPA for anticipated litigation with the County. But other than that, it's impossible to say what happened.

Proposals will be circulated for a new solicitor. Charles Dertinger updated the Board on the removal of  three bridges from a massive P3 project to replace or repair 33 bridges. Those bridges are located along a scenic byway (Little Creek Road) in Lower Mount Bethel, and residents living in that area like the idea of one-lane bridges. 


Anonymous said...

Is this on? Can the folks in the back hear me?

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a hearing ....

Will someone please call the AV guy?

Anonymous said...

The sane law firm that I overbilled the taxpayers of the Bangor School District and had to pay it back. Great to see one leaves and another steps to the trough.

Anonymous said...

Temporary appointment of law firm, proposals,have been sent out for bids

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Shawn Langden. You won't be missed. I'd rather have this board any day of the week over anything he is running. As for Shawn Donahue? Just an old friend, yes man of Shawn's. Brought little to nothing to the table. Thank you Bernie for the work you did on this important issue.