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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Did Saturday's Flooding Damage Allentown-Owned Vehicles?

I was called this morning and told that there's a rumor circulating that the stormwater flooding on Saturday did more than contaminate the Cedar Beach pool. Water also cascaded into a storage building behind the HamFam restaurant for Allentown-owned vehicles. In previous years, asking City Hall for an answer was useless.But since there's a new Mayor in town, I thought I'd ask the City spokesperson.believe it ornot, I got an answer, too.

Here's what Communications Manager Mike Moore tells me:
There was no damage to any gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. Some snow plows that were not attached to any vehicles were submerged. They have been taken to the city garage to assess if they have been damaged.

The area received four inches of rain in approximately five hours. That is what caused the flooding.

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Charlie Sch said...

There was very serious damage to city vehicles parked in this location in a storm several years ago.