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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Fed Ed Lashes Out At His Critics

Earlier this week, disgraced former Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski and his wife Lisa started a a GoFundMe page to help with their legal expenses. It includes ythe family picture you see above. So far, they have raised $2,380. But a lot of people were very upset at the Pawlowski sense of self-entitlement. Both dailies ran stories, and I was texted by several people. On his Facebook page, people were slamming him, too.

I figured I could be just as pig a moron as he is, and started my own GoFundMe page, seeking $100 million to help me deal with my flatulence problem. Though I meant this as a joke, I've received $110 in donations.

Fed Ed got Fed Up. He deleted the comments critical of him on his own Facebook page, and then this phony delivered a homily on the importance of being kind. "I don’t love the meanness on social media," he complains.

Wait until you experience the meanness of a federal prison, Fed Ed. I know one there right now who tells me the bologna tastes exactly like a pig's anus (I neglected to ask him exactly how he knows this) and that prison doctors are doctors the way Dr. Pepper is a doctor.

I agree it's important to be kind, a behavior you never exhibited as Mayor.

But it's even more important to be honest, as you are about to learn.


Canary Island Icon said...

Ed will be released in under 5 years on account of good behavior, when he returns expect him to be reelected because the city has prospered under his watch and loyalty is a quality the ethics have abundantly.

You know more about pig anuses than the average bear according to my sources in the little hamlet of West Easton.

Anonymous said...

Ed was the perfect mayor for the City Without Limits.
Ed won’t do a day over three years
because he will be a model inmate and a Christian example to one and all.
Ed will be exonerated on appeal,

Anonymous said...

I’ll be contributing to the Jennings/Lewens Defence Fund.

Anonymous said...

He should be embarrassed asking the public to pay for his legal fees, what a joke. He should be responsible for his own expenditures not the public. Just goes to show you where is mind is and how he feels entitled. I can't believe people are actually donating to his cause. Although, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since there are people out there who approve of a president lying to the American people time and time again and don't care. This world is definitely going downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

Think of how much money the public paid for his inflated salary and benefits throughout the entire trial. One could argue that he should have used personal, sick or unpaid leave.

Anonymous said...

Return Mayor Ed to the city and people who love him.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that voted for him in the last election should come up with at least 2 dollars, how much would that be at 2 dollars a vote?

Anonymous said...

Ed Pawlowski, thy name is hubris.

Anonymous said...

It’s all about friendship.
I’ll match whatever amount Alan Jennings donates, dollar for dollar.

Anonymous said...

I'd kilike contribute some Vaseline type products instead of a cash donations so should I just mail it?

LVcitizen295 said...

The link to the gofundme page is no longer accessible... and here I was ready to make a huge donation 😝

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Within the past month or two you reported that Pawlowski was seen handing out popsicles at a public event.

Now he's begging for financial help via a GoFundMe.


Anonymous said...

His Facebook page still lists him as "Employed at City of Allentown".