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Friday, September 02, 2016

The Flisser Factor

Frank Flisser, flanked by wife Mary Beth and son Tom
Gerald E. "Jerry" Seyfried, a Northampton County Council member, who went on to become Executive, claims that the best decision he ever made as a public official was when he voted in 1978 to confirm Frank Flisser as Northampton County's first ever Council Clerk. Frank went on to serve for 36 years. He saw Executives and Council members come and go, but whether they were Democrat or Republican, they all have high opinions of this Muhlenberg College grad. Perhaps it was his humility. Perhaps it was his extensive knowledge of County government, equaled only by people like Jerry or Budget Administrator Doran Hamann. Flisser himself had two rules. First, treat everyone the same. Second, always tell the truth.

An avid and very fast runner who sometimes put in 20 miles a day, Frank was hit by a stroke in the middle of his last run ... and managed to make it home because of his superior physical fitness. No longer able to run, he hits the bike at the gym several times every week. Unable to drive, his wife Mary Beth or son Tom or both would take him to meetings and stay. They are great people, too.

They tricked him into coming to the courthouse before last night's meeting. When he got there he was honored with a plaque and photograph that is now hanging next to Jim Hemstreet. And cake.

Jerry Seyfried was there. So was Ron Angle, Panama hat and all.

When I hear public sector employees get trashed, I think about Frank.

He was the man who kept Council from going completely off the tracks try as hard as they might.


Anonymous said...

Frank was/is great.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank

Anonymous said...

The exception that proves the rule. Relax and enjoy, Mr. Flisser.