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Friday, September 02, 2016

NorCo Council Coming to SteelStacks!

By an 8-0 vote, Northampton County Council voted last night to take their show on the road. Their October 6 meeting will be conducted at Steelstacks. If all goes well, Council will consider meetings in all four corners of the County. Several of them jokingly suggested Detzi's Tavern, a popular sports bar located in Wind Gap.

In County business, Council voted 8-0 to adopt a resolution opposing state legislation that will prohibit County Recorders from charging fees when condominium association amendments are indexed against individual owners.

State Rep. Tom Caltagirone, prime sponsor of this legislation in the state House, decries what he calls the "abusive" practice of assessing recording fees on each unit of a condominium whenever a declaration is amended. He calls it a matter of "consumer protection and good government." He adds that some amendments are recorded in order to comply with federal and state law.

But the County Commissioners Ass'n (CCAP) counters that the indexing fee charged is the same fee that applies to any one making a change to her deed. CCAP adds that it more difficult for title searchers to be certain they "accessed the full set of information related to that property."

Recorder of Deeds Andrea Suter also told Council that this legislation would open the door to special interests who would seek to have other recording requirements relaxed. "Where does it stop?" she asked.

Executive John Brown and Council member Bob Werner were absent.

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Anonymous said...

When you get to Deitzi's..... look for an old drunk...... our former disgrace of council representative on the bar stool..... now the little man is a big shot with the council of governments.....to bad all he is good for is keeping the stool warm-
Wish he would pay his bills-