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Monday, September 05, 2016

Happy Labor Day!

Next time you start complaining about your job, think about this poor bastard. Unless murdered or stricken down by the Almighty, I'll see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

See you Tuesday.... Heaven doesn't want you O'Hare and Hell is afraid you'd blog and give the place a bad reputation or take over...... god forbid when you and your bff Angle are enjoying the sauna there....

Bernie O'Hare said...

I will entertain no comments about the presidential race on this thread.

Anonymous said...

Let us nor lose focus of whom this day is all about. It is not about the militarization of America and another veterans day, week, month. It is not about the chamber of Commerce or government. It is not about politicians, corporations or flags; it is about the American worker. The employee specifically and unions in general. It is about the people who really sweat their blood and tears to make America what it is today.

It is especially meaningful as in the past forty years the American worker has been screwed over by everyone. Both political parties broke promises. Big business has broken the unions and got us into dog eat dog mentality through their mouthpieces in the media and be happy about it. It has taken advantage of the
American worker with the most disparate concentration of wealth in our history.

It is time for the American worker to wake up and take their country back from all the bullshiters that would rather you shout up and pledge allegiance to the flag.
Your grandfathers would be ashamed of you all!

Workers Party of America, it is time to rise!!!

Anonymous said...

Be glad you have a job. Nearly 93,000,000 Americans are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:58. Am I reading you right that people should never complain if they have a job, end of discussion? Seriously? I am glad that was not the case in the early 20th century. I am sure your ancestors were glad of it as well. Maybe I am wrong but it appears you feel people should kiss the boots of their bosses for the privilege of working for them and no matter how bad the conditions, pay or treatment, just keep their mouths shut.

Fortunately that is not the American worker way. This wussy approach that has been shoved down the American Workers throat by the corporate class is wearing thin.

Even the early 209th century Industrialists came to realize that you had to pay people a wage they could survive on.
Fortunately the labor movement is coming back as young people see the treatment their parents and grandparents have endured and are less likely to stand for such treatment in the future. They are not brainwashed by the right wing narrative paid for by the financial elites.

The era of elitist greed of epic proportions will bring about the very workers revolution they want to stamp out. Sounds like the old adage to the very poor and enslaved, be happy you have like some straw to sleep on. No more with the bullshit!
Things are changing. Get on board or get out of the way!

Anonymous said...

@5:31 What you say is true, however it is easier to say it when your life is financially stable and you have a steady income stream or financially independent. Most people, however, depend on their work for their livelihood, to pay for their shelter, for their food, for their transportation, to support their spouses and children, and also to put money away for retirement.

When almost one out of three American workers are out of the workforce, you understand that if you choose to be independent, then you will have to have some sort of way to afford all of the above, and hope that you do not become injured or sick, as the cost of medical care without health insurance is quite expensive. That also includes Obamacare, where you will have to pay thousands of dollars of deductible before the coverage takes over.

There is the wishful part of life, and there is the practical side. Especially when there are many who are in line for the job you have now.

Happy labor day to you as well.

Anonymous said...

The photo reminds me of Mises' belief that socialism is incapable of determining price value to regulate whether capital is being directed at good things or bad. I'm grateful for private ownership of the means of production, and for workers' right to organize and bargain collectively. We're all blessed to be here.

Anonymous said...

10,000 baby boomers leave the work force each day. Some of whom walk away with benefit the working class of today can only dream of. Some get royaly screwed after a lifetime of service. Then there are those with lifetime benefits that rail against benefit coverage of workers or the cost of providing a living wage. I ask these people to reflect on the benefits they receive and ask them if they would deny the same benefit to their children. All considered, our WWII generation gave more than they received and I remember them today when I take my children to a park that they built. Thier sacrifice and giving will benefit generations to come. What have we given? What will we give to make our communities better and families stronger for generstions to come?

Anonymous said...

Thank you as I am sick to my stomach over advertisementalized shit stew being served, and from what I have redd and seen I am begining to feel like a weeble and a top!?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:56. "You wrote: Then there are those with lifetime benefits that rail against benefit coverage of workers or the cost of providing a living wage."

What is s "living wage" and how much is it ?

tunaman13212 said...

Maybe if that guy had a union he would not in that place

Anonymous said...

Businesses don’t like unions. Unions have destroyed many American businesses. Why do you think so many companies here have closed and moved to "right to work" states? Or offshored their production to places like India, or Mexico or Bangladesh or Indonesia? Because it's cheaper that's why. Because they don't have to pay union wages. Why is there no more Bethlehem Steel? Or Lehigh Valley Steel? Or many of the manufacturing companies that are no longer here, but their crubling buildings remain?

Businessmen recognize that unions are a destructive force in our economy. And since businesses don’t particularly like unions, businesses aren’t going to be anxious to expand their growth so long as there is a president in the white house who is determined to do all that he can to promote union growth, not only in the government but in the private sector.

All you have to remember that Barack Obama himself has referred to the private sector – the private sector he wishes to fully unionize – as “the enemy.” Isn’t a natural instinct to try to destroy your enemy? Can you look at Obama’s actions in any other light?

Patriot2 said...

Great article in MC this morning where Keystone Center reports that blacks without college degrees earn $3.90/hour less than they did in 1980. NAFTA was supposed to create 200,000 new jobs for Americans when in fact it cost American workers 692,000 good paying manufacturing jobs for inner city blacks as well as blue collar white workers.

Both Republican & Democratic establishment politicians caused this in 1994& we are seeing the impact in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, & St Louis where automotive,appliance & Steel Production that supplied those businesses went across the border due to labor rates & environmental laws.

The same establishment is trying to push TPP trade legislation to create a permanent quagmire of dependency for inner city blacks, Hispanics, & white low income demographic voters.

Labor Day should be a day to reflect on how we got to such a state & to stand up to establishment politicians who have supported these job exportation bills.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Detroit.

The destruction of Detroit came way before NAFTA.

In fact, about the time a union organizer started running the city.

Anonymous said...

The key to higher wages is educating yourself, acquiring work skills that are highly desired by employers, or even better, investing in yourself and starting your own small business.

However today, the latter is nearly impossible, given the Mount Everest of regulations issued by the government bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Patriot2 @ 12:00 PM The American worker built the foundation for the country we love and have today, but the American worker is getting crushed by trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal as well as high taxes.

American workers can have outproduced anyone in the world. What is needed is to get the boot of government of their necks.

Anonymous said...

WOW! For a post about labor day it has become all about politics again. Businesses hate unions, no kidding. The last thing an employer wants is an empowered employee. Better to keep people like the miners in northeastern PA. Pay just enough to live in the business "communal" town and pay the company store all your pay to eke out survival.

You folks who blame the unions for the destruction of business do realize that the chamber of commerce is an organization dedicated to destroying labor movements and unions.
Sad that so many have been brainwashed by the "new" reality of why people are now forced to kiss the ass of any employer. Once again your grandparents would be sad that they worked so hard to make life better for you and for you to be so stupid and throw it away.

Todays corporate greed is so bad it would make Vanderbilt and Morgan Ford blush.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes big time management was screw by the evil workers and their unions. Sorry for the sarcasm. I was just thinking about how the old management team big wigs all became members of the Board for the Industrial Museum on the South Side and even put in one of their own to ensure things were done right. No pesky unions to ruin things. Of course they ended up collecti8ng millions and spending thousands, somehow misplacing much of the money that didn't end up in their Directors pocket.

Oh yes, more of that great management pleaseee!!!!