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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dave Mattei? No Way!

Mattei at a picnic
Earlier this year, State Rep. Joe Emrick was well on his way to another two years in the 137th state house district. For a second time, Democrats had failed to field someone to run against a hardcore conservative Republican with a lifetime 90% rating from the American Conservative Union. It's a district that does include conservative pockets in Palmer and the Slate Belt. But it also includes Democratic boroughs and increasingly Democratic Forks Township. Democrat Rich Grucela managed to keep the seat for ten years, so why no one wanted to challenge Emrick was a mystery. People like myself, who are unhappy with Emrick, were delighted when insurance salesman Dave Mattei stepped forward, out of nowhere, to run as a write-in candidate. We were conned.

For one thing, Mattei has never voted as a Democrat. He registered as an independent in 1997 and, over the next 19 years, has only voted sporadically. He didn't vote at all in 2014 or 2015. This year, he was unable to vote in the very primary in which Democrats happily wrote in his name because he was still registered as a Independent. So far as I can tell, he still is.

In addition to being an independent with a shaky voting record, Mattei has no real roots in this area. He is originally from Jersey, and moved into the Lehigh Valley some time in 1997. At first, he lived in Easton and Washington Township, then moved to Lehigh Tp for 14 years. He has only been in the Nazareth area for four years or less.

Why did he move to Pennsylvania from Jersey? It appears that he was fleeing debt. According to New Jersey Courts public access, actions were brought against him at F002217-92, F003270-93, F005758-96 and F008490-96.

Mattei getting chickens
While living in Easton, in what appears to be its West Ward, he worked at Home Depot in Whitehall, a rather strange occupation for a retired New Jersey state trooper. It was during this time that his emancipated daughter sought and obtained a Protection From Abuse Act Order against him. What set him off is unknown, but the incident included allegations of throwing his own flesh and blood across a room and dragging her down the steps by the ankles.

Mattei never contested the PFA.

In 2000, Mattei left Easton for the greener pastures of Lehigh Tp. He bought a home, and over the next 14 years, managed to rack up nine mortgages. According to Northampton County's civil index, Northampton Area School District also ended up filing two municipal liens (2007-ML-6826 and 2008-ML-8846) against him because he failed to pay his school tax bill. Unable to keep up with his mortgages, he gave his Lehigh Township home back to the bank. He also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (15-12857-ref) and, on 8/20/15, was granted a discharge.

That's how he ended up in Nazareth, just up the street from me.

Anyone can go through a bad stretch financially. But for Mattei, bad financial decisions appear to be way of life. It sure looks like that's what caused him to flee Jersey. Ringing up nine mortgages on one property in 14 years is also pretty stupid.

If he's unable to manage his own finances, how can he be expected to manage ours?

What would prompt a bankrupt Independent who only votes sporadically to want to be the Democratic champion? He certainly has no burning interest in issues. But he sure does like to eat.

He just filed a 6th Tuesday pre-election report for the period between 5/17/16 and 9/19/16, even though state house candidates have no such obligation. (You can see it here). In it, he claims to have raised $15,836.00 and has already spent $13,901.70,  a lot of it on dinners and lunches.

The Easton Area Democratic Committee gave an independent outside of the Easton area $3,000. He also collected $3,000 from the trade unions. He suckered Martin Guitar owner Christian Martin into giving him $500, and sucked money from poor Glenn Reibman, Rich Grucela and the Bobbsey twins, Pete Schweyer and Mike Schlossberg.

Mattei gets cake for intern
What has he done with this money?


A lot.

He's a hungry guy and, in his defense, did have a family BBQ this summer. He must have really been famished on June 13. He was at Subway, the Trolley Shoppes Restaurant and the Leaf Cigar Bar, all in one day.

I'd say the Leaf and Mickey D's are his two favorites. He's been to each five times.

Mattei has also been to Nazareth Diner four times, Pizza Joe, Villa Grande Pizzeria, Pies to Die For, Dunkin' Donuts, China Wok, Pita Pit, Blendlife Smoothie and Juice Bar, Fairways Cafe, Rice 'n Beans, Little Corner Cafe, Xpresso Cafe, Diner 248, Baby Harry Coffee, Wok Box, Chestnuthill Diner, McDonald's, WaWa, Sam's Club for groceries, Tuscana Pizza and Whitetail Golf Club.

He even charged a meal in New Jersey at DeLucia's. He has also picked up between meal snacks at the gas station across the street from his office. And let's not forget the booze from the liquor store.

All told, he has spent $1,662.95 in campaign contributions on food, cigars and booze. Over 10 per cent of the money he raised is in his stomach.

This has to be some sort of record.

He must be loading up for the winter.

He did give $1,000 to Controller Steve Barron for robo calls and another $300 to Rich Wilkins for consulting. Barron won't say whether his deal includes an "all you can eat" clause.

So we Democrats have really done well. We have an independent with a spotty voting record and an even more shaky financial history to run against an entrenched, well-financed incumbent. He is using campaign finances to play big shot. He has no chance of winning. My chief concern is that Mattei might explode before the election.


Anonymous said...

As A Democrat, let me say t5his is a common occurrence with the Northampton County Democrats leadership. They become fixated on someone and think with their hearts, eyes but rarely their heads.

They are all emotion and never think about real electability.

This guy kissed up to Party leaders and they eat that crap up. Whether you can win or not, if you do the circuit and kiss all the right D asses you will get the support.

You wonder why we are flailing away in Northampton County? This is an example.

I can only imagine the cast of characters that will be running for the county elections next year. I doubt there will be one that has ever won anything.

Anonymous said...

A typical NC election: A slob versus a do nothing incumbent. Another example of who is the worse choice.

Anonymous said...

I find this hilarious due to the ideological hatred of those who have means or posses the ability to build personal wealth. Words like "fair share" and "on the backs of" emanate from the heads of those whose livelihood is generated through campaign contributions. Money is not the problem in political races, low barrier to entry for candidacy is the problem. We need elected leaders who can manage money and not go on taxpayer funded spending sprees. Thank you for bringing this information to light. As always, your willingness to clean house among your party ranks is admirable. Both sides of the spectrum need way more of this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mattai has won the deadbeat and child abuser votes. I had developed some respect for Barron until I read about his support for this bum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. It's scary to say the least. Is there proof of the PFA? You posted info for everything else like case numbers but not on that. Seems just too out there for someone with that in their background to even think about running.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate circumstances. Thought the guy was legit and above board. Does he have a chance in H to win? Probably not as these aspersions are fairly damaging and we will see if they are answered or not by him to our satisfaction. Money down the toilet it appears and two morwe years of Do Nothing Joe. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

He'd be perfect, throw in a few DUIs, wife beating and theft from a local charity or its organization. Classic new politicians!

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:26, The PFA is indexed at 2000-PF-1089, and was entered 11/13/00. You have to visit the courthouse to see it. The county may not publish this information under the Violence against Women Act. Because it is 16 years old and involves what looks like parental discipline, I would form no adverse judgment based on the PFA alone. But it is definitely there.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:11, Dude, Barron was paid to do robo calls. I do not fault him. I supported Mattei, too, and fault myself for failing to check him sooner. This what happens with write-ins. I do try hard to vet others.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Now I'm completely confused as to how I'm going to vote. I consider this seat vital yet there is no way I can vote for either of these two. Why the Dems could not come up with a viable candidate is beyond me since I consider Emrick ripe for the pickings. If there isn't a third party candidate to consider then I will have no choice but to write one in. Bernie, you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

PFA and FMLA are widely abused initiatives that find a genisis in "good intentions." PFA Orders are widely abused as leverage in divorces as very few (if any) Judges deny at least a temporary order. While not related to abusing other people FMLA is chronically abused by those who are gaming the system (like those using PFA).

It's shameful that well intended measures are so easily exploited.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a reply from Mattei and his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that makes it worse! Not only did Barron endorse deadbeat Mattei in recording robo calls, he got paid for it!

Anonymous said...

Leaopards cant change their spots and politicians can't change their ways. Barron is the same old worst of the worst politician. His list of transgressions and abuses is long. Despite Bernie's efforts to rehabilitate Steve's reputation, his record is what he made it. Taking money to support a reprehensible candidate is quintessential Barron. Nobody is surprised.

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:19, a permanent PFA order was entered against Mattei, and it was not leverage in a divorce. I would attach more weight to it had There been criminal charges.it is only a small part of this story, but is a part.

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:51, I find no fault in what Steve did. He had no way of knowing this guy is a con artist. You're looking for an excuse to bash him in a story that is only tangentially about him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:27, even I would not vote for me. You should see thenpiecebi could write about me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Just deleted a comment that is both OT and includes anonymous personal attacks. This is about the Matteri-Emrick race, not your irrational (and anonymous) hatred of others. .

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a reply from Mattei.

Anonymous said...

"He also collected $3,000 from the trade unions" Oh no!!! Union dues

Anonymous said...

Explanation required. Ignoring this story is not an option Dave.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the attempt at transparency. I have to think there is more to the story. I've seen the guy and he's losing weight not gaining it. Have to wonder who else around his campaign was eating all the food? There's more to the story than meets the eye. Wonder if there's an disgruntled campaign worker around. Keep up the good work, but please keep digging!

Anonymous said...

I heard Muncy and the dems tried to get Joe Cap to run again. he would have done a better job than this Dave M guy.

Vote Green Party!!

Anonymous said...

Fair is fair..if you are going to out Mattei and his finances..then do the same to Emrick. Who is bankrolling him? Where did his large political war chest come from? Surely not from small donations from little old ladies.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I heard Muncy and the dems tried to get Joe Cap to run again. he would have done a better job than this Dave M guy."

The sign thief? He would lose badly, like he did the first time. Muncy is a terrible chair.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:47, This post is not about who is bankrolling the candidates,but is about a fraud who pretends he's a big dem when he does not even vote, and is using money from fools at the Easton Democratic committee to keep his growing stomach full. This is about a guy who went bankrupt,lost his home and has a pattern of poor finance.

I have written exactly 100 posts in which Emrick has been featured, and it is almost always in a negative light. I have written about his campaign finance, probably more than anyone. I have no love for him, and if the Dems fielded an actual candidate, I would support that person. But Mattei is a slap across the face.

Anonymous said...

True. Keep an eye on Ann Marie Panella in 2 yrs.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I love her. She is a wonderful person. She'd be great