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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bethlehem Fire Dep't: Gas and Water Leak in the 700 Block of North New Street

From Robert Novatnack, Fire Chief/ E.M.C: Today, at 6:51 AM The City of Bethlehem Fire & Police Departments responded to a water & natural gas leak in the 700 block of North New Street. Emergency crews evacuated the immediate area do to the gas leak and partial collapse of the roadway.

The water, electricity and gas in the 700 block of North New Street are currently turned off for repairs. Representatives from the City of Bethlehem Water Department, Bethlehem Police & Fire, U.G.I. and P.P.L. are on scene working on the utilities and roadway.

Residents in the area may experience cloudy water while repairs are being made. In Addition, North New Street will be closed indefinitely from Union Blvd. to Broad Street while crews remain on scene making repairs. Please avoid travel in this area if possible until the repairs are completed.

Update 9/30, 1:15 pm: Work continues. Avoid the location if you can.


Anonymous said...

Too bad for the home owners as the city will never accept responsibility and the insurance companies will figure out a way to not payout as they are on your side till they have a claim, like a good neighbor till there's a claim and in good hands till you file a claim!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey moron, wait until the crisis is over before you start your negative shit, or do it on LVL.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the crisis is over as the media / community will forget it even happened. I'll the the hands up don't shoot protesters a shout out as they hit the streets in protest for days on end. This event will only be remembered by the 3 property owners when the "crisis" is over.