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Monday, September 26, 2016

NorCo Elections Office Overwhelmed By Absentee Ballot Requests.

People hate standing in line, whether it is at the grocery store or an election. What they seem to be doing, at least in Northampton County, is applying for absentee ballots.

Before the 2012 Presidential race, Northampton County elections officials processed a record number of 6,906 requests for absentee ballots. They expect to see that record smashed this year.

The last day to register is October 11. You can do so online.

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is November 1. It's supposed to be limited to people who are ill, disabled or are going to be outside the district on election day.

Election judges must wait to open these ballots until the polls close. So the more people who vote absentee, the longer it will take to count the votes.


Anonymous said...

They aren't storming the elections office to vote for Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Part of the3 reason according to those in the know, is that many older folks would rather vote absentee than on the machines. They find the computers complicated and user unfriendly. Also many di not trust the computer to county their vote.

Anonymous said...

This promises to be a close election, and it's also likely the Democrats will do everything they can, including election fraud to get Pennsylvania's Electoral Votes.

The best way not to have your electronic vote stolen and given to Hillary Clinton is to request a paper ballot be sent to you in your area, request absentee voting.

You will be mailed a paper ballot, fill it out, make a copy, and mail or delivery it personally. Stay away from the voting machines if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

Republican corporations built the machines and maintain them. So why would they be programed for Clinton. The Republican Party was and is the Corporate Party of the Overlords. Silly peon.

Anonymous said...

The dead prefer to vote Democratic

Anonymous said...

The living dead prefer to vote Republican.

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:34, a Trump supporter, is actively encouraging people who are not entitled to absentee ballots to lie, break the law and seek them anyway. This, incidentally, is real voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

Not if we're out of town on Election Day.

The Democrats were the ones who pushed electronic voting on the American people. It got pushed into elections so fast and without any real chance to object to it. They were white hot angry that Gore got caught trying to steal Florida in 2000 and swore this was caused by those paper ballots that they couldn't recount enough times till they got the result they wanted. That's what drove this country apart, because the Democrats never recognized W's election as legitimate. So they decided that by controlling the results with fraudulent ballots with rigged software, it's easier to steal the election.

You can't steal a paper ballot. Sorry. You watch on election day the number of complaints from people who voted Trump and the ballot was recorded for Clinton.

If they're available to you and LEGAL to use them, Use them. Don't let your ballot be stolen on election day by Democrats who will do anything to get Clinton elected - by any means necessary.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Not if we're out of town on Election Day."

Except you won't be. So it appears that the very campaign that complains about nonexistent voter fraud. You're a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Since states control voting and the procedures used and most states are controlled by Republicans, than how did the Democrats craftily get "rigged electronic" voting in place? Are you stating the Dem's used a Jedi mind trick or that Republican states governors and legislatures are stupid? Not sure how that new right wing whacko conspiracy came into being.

Gore actually conceded and of course recognized Bush as president, just as all normal people regardless of Party. Dem's may not have liked his polices much but he was the President. Now with Obama we have a different story as to legitimacy, don't we?