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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Brown Raises $68K in Auditor General Race

Brown with Trump cutout
Northampton County Executive John Brown, who has challenged incumbent Eugene DePasquale for state auditor general, has stepped up his fundraising. In his 6th Tuesday pre-election report, which covers the period between May 17 and September 19, he reports $35,970.40 in contributions. This is slightly more than the $32,477.20 he raised between January 1 and May 16.

Brown's report, which is due today, is unavailable on the state website. But he is required to file in his county of residence as well as with Harrisburg. He filed a report with the Northampton County elections office yesterday.

In addition to the cash, Brown reports $2,744.31 in in-kind contributions from the state Republican party. This is on top of nearly $14,000 in in-kind contributions already received, and is being used for campaign literature.

Brown reports 20 contributions of $1,000 or more, including $2,000 from the Republican Caucus of County Commissioners and yet another $2000 from a PAC calling itself the Northeast Leadership Fund, which is based in Wilkes-Barre.

This Northeast Leadership Fund is funded by attorneys, developers and engineers who are obviously looking for "leaders" who will do as they're told. Louis DeNaples (you may have heard of him) kicked in $5000 to this PAC, but Matt Cartwright kicked in $1000, too. It appears to be a PAC interested in money and developers, not ideology.

State Senator Pat Browne gave $1,400 to this PAC. Two of Brown's cronies, Matt Deibert and Glenn Geissinger also kicked in $2,000 each.

Glenn Geissinger is a member of Northampton County Council, which is supposed to be a check and balance on the Executive. But Geissinger has been Brown's biggest cheerleader.

In addition to contributing $2,000 to a PAC that gave Brown $2,000, Geissinger reached into his pocket and gave Brown another $1,000.

Another troubling contribution to Brown is $1,000 from Lehigh County DA Jim Martin.

In April, Northampton County's Gaming Authority awarded $407,000 to Martin's pet project, the Regional Intelligence and Investigative Center (RIIC), which is also called a Regional Crime Center. Brown's Sheriff, Dave Dalrymple, lobbied hard for the project. Martin's $1,000 contribution came in September, well after the award, but it does raise eyebrows.

Like Brown, DePasquale's 6th Tuesday report is still not online. But even without his most recent report, he has raised far more money than Brown. Up until May 17, he reported having raised $258,726 and was sitting on a $353,518.70 warchest. Brown has $8,600.

Other $1000 donors include GT Commonwealth PAC, David Master, Devlendra Amin, John McGeehan, David Lobach, Edwin Coranzo, Dhruv Acharya, Lou Pektor, Anthony Salvaggio, Curtiss Barnette, Charles Diacont, Dave Jaindl, Cynthia DiRenzo, Christine Toretti and Marcus Lemon.

Brown also owes $46,840.05.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that does not look like a cutout. Trump and Brown, the future of America and Northampton County.

OH MY!!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, the money some of these idiots have to throw away. Only in America can a loser like Brown receive $68,000 for being a bull---- artist and con-man.

Anonymous said...

That cardboard prop next to brown looks very much like Allentown's mayor, that is just a cardboard stick for the circus arena agenda propagated and perpatrated?!
REpublican redd

Anonymous said...

If we get rid of Brown because he wins this (unlikely) or we get rid of him after another year of his horrendous leadership, we get rid of him either way.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Brown will lose the county executive race next year because employees don't like him is funny. It is like the idea that Callahan would win in 2013. Or that the republicans would never sweep county council because the employees were angry over Gracedale wand would vote accordingly.

Once again the Democrats will throw up a person from their inner circle they love, and will lose in November to Brown. The will then moan and groan for another four years.

Without a candidate with some heft and a county wide appeal and crossover appeal you will lose worse than Callahan did.

Anonymous said...

How can you run a statewide campaign with $60,000 dollars?

Anonymous said...

So there are 68K of stupid dollars provided by any idiot which would support Brownstain and his group of incompetent minions.