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Monday, September 26, 2016

Celtic Classic Bagpiper Fixes Wheelchairs, Too!

From Agent 99: Yesterday I went to Celtic Classic for a couple of hours with a friend. We stopped to listen to a bagpiper who was practicing (and was well worth listening to). He stopped mid-song, laid his bagpipes in the road, and walked over to a young man in a wheelchair who had been crossing the road. We then saw the front wheel of the wheelchair had fallen off into the road. The bagpiper knelt down on the dusty road and, with the help of a couple of other men who came over to help when they saw what was happening, put the wheel back on, wiped off his hands, picked up his pipes and rejoined his band (who had already started to play). I was impressed at his matter-of-fact attitude, and how he just saw that something needed to be done, and did it without fanfare. He is the piper to the left in the picture, I have no idea who he is or even which band he belongs to.

Blogger's Note: I missed this year's Celtic Classic because I pulled my back. But it is my favorite festival.

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Unknown said...

The Piper is from the Celtic United Pipes and Drums band His name is Greg Ross.