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Friday, September 23, 2016

Fed Ed Prosecutor Running For Philadelphia DA

Why would Joe Khan, the hard-nosed federal prosecutor who was at the tiller of the Fed Ed investigation, resign before his mission is complete? My assumption was that some high-powered Philly firm had lured him away. But I was wrong. The Inky is reporting that Khan has resigned so that he can take on Seth Williams, Philadelphia's embattled District Attorney.

Williams impressed the hell out of me when he accepted a Kathleen Kane taunt and prosecuted five State Representatives and a traffic court judge with political corruption after she dumped the case, claiming it was unwinnable.  All but State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown have pleaded guilty.    

But Williams himself is in hot water for failing to report $160,5000 in gifts received over a five-year period. According to Khan, Seth "has lost his way."

Khan is a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

A very good hard-nose attorney. I'm sure he left the Fed Ed case in very good condition. Your day is coming King!

Anonymous said...

Phila. DA is a better mobility step up on the political ladder than bringing down some local mayor in Allentown.

Also, Democrat does not indict other Democrat. Golden rule of politics.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That is complete horseshit from a partisan too afraid to sign his name. Khans has taken down numerous Ds. I know numerous Democratic prosecutors who would not bat an eye at taking down a crooked Dem politician. I really get sick of this partisan nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It just keeps getting better and better as the collective numbers grow!?
REpublican redd no party affiliation nor joining or traveling the carnival circus sideshows

Anonymous said...

Seth Williams is ina world of hurt. Bernie, you would have had a field reviewing his campaign finance reports. Apparently there was a shit ton of pertinent monetary contribution, and free vacation information not included with report

Only the tip of the ice berg that is about to blow Harrisburg and beyond. Good sources two me a certain ghost voter should start worryin

Maintaining anonymity for now

The Crow.