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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who's the NIZ Arson Bug?

September 25, 2016. A fire breaks out in center city Allentown at 20 S Hall Street. It is ruled an arson. Same thing for a 2014 fire at 27 S 8th St and a 2015 blaze at S 8th Street, near Walnut.

What do these arsons have in common?

All are smack dab in the middle of NIZ projects. All the buildings held some sort of historical significance that would make it tough, even for Allentown's lax planners, to approve a demolition. But thanks to these arsons, all will get a raze and repair order slapped on then and can be automatically get torn down.

Public safety, you know.

I'm accusing no one, but these strangely coincidental fires demand a thorough investigation.


Anonymous said...

Just coincidence that they are in Reilyville's center. Maybe Allentown's Nero, Fed Ed, should be questioned!

Anonymous said...

This by no meens is coincidental as you say, it is and has been a collective team work as one of the eminant domain hostel takeover tactiks employeed by a collective that include the public sector as well as the private for many many years!? It has been 15years that I have been following these unsolve articles that have been faked as accidental facts and statistically reported to the FEDS in many differnt diversions as to the truth of crimes compiled and on a national chart as something they were definnatlly not!
There was ONE the year at 24S eight that has never been ruled and all form of evidence gone except maybe edited pictures to depict what ruling there was?!
REpublican redd

Anonymous said...

It didn't stop Reilly from obtaining the building at 6th & Hamilton.

Julian Kern said...

Also all of them are owned by J.B. Reilly.