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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cedar Beach Basketball - The Sports Interview

"Who Dat?" Lambert
Central Catholic faced Whitehall last night. The Zephyrs beat the Vikings twice last year during the regular season. But last night, they were missing three of their starters, including the explosive Mikey Esquilin. As the first half ended, Central was only up by a few, thanks to an inspired effort by Jay Vaughan, Chris Ocasio and Shack DeZonie, as well as toughness under the boards by Kevin Kern and AJ Dana.

In the second half, Dat Lambert erupted (he had been quiet in the first half) and the combined selfless effort of Central's team put the game out of Whitehall's reach.

After it was over, Dat was asked to do his first ever TV Sports interview for Channel 2 Service Electric. The sports interview is a game he and I played when he was little. I'd pretend a golf club or bat was a microphone, and would ask a question, to which he'd always respond with one word.

"How would you rate your game?"


Shack Dezonie
"How do you feel about winning?"


"What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"


It probably went that way for the poor reporter. As Dat stood there, I heard one of his teammates shout out, "You're ugly, Dat!"

So at least he was smiling.

Shack Dezonie also went through the interview last night. I think he was interviewed once or twice during the regular. His mother had the biggest smile on her face as he stood there. So did Dat's mom, and I was laughing the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Bernie I really enjoy these updates, hope to see Dat being interviewed all season!

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

banker, It's Emmaus on Thursday!

Anonymous said...


The Banker