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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Better Photograph of Dean Browning

Yesterday, I published what I that was a photograph of Lehigh County's new GOP chair, Jessica Banotai, with Vice Chair Dean Browning. An irate Browning contacted me and accused me of attempting to portray him in an unfavorable delight. He demanded that I run a better picture, which he provided.

He still looks like he needs a shave.


Wondering in South Whitehall said...

Dean is looking good, I guess losing the election to be a county commissioner did him no harm.

Now I wish he would clarify if he really believe 1/3 of the USA is unemployed.... Or if that 94 million not working includes children and the retired,

Well Dean, what day you???

Wood woof

Scott Armstrong said...

Yeah, that's him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:33, Dean should not respond to your question unless you have the decency to identify yourself. Have we deteriorated that much as a society that you think you can anonymously demand answers from someone, and in a rude way?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dean! I love the photo!

Dean N. Browning said...

Wondering In South Whitehall:

The 94,000,000 comes from the U.S. Labor Departments Bureau of Labor Statistics which calculates that available civilian, non-institutional population (age 16 and older) was 252,969,000 for the may reporting period. Of that, the labor force participation rate reported by the Labor Department was 62.8% which means there were 94,000,000 (or 37% of the potential workforce) that were not participating in the workforce. The labor participation rate will never approach 100% as you have high school and college students on one end of the group and retirees on the other end. However, the current labor participation rate is the lowest it has been in 38 years and is 3 percentage points below where it was when President Obama took office in 2009. For much of the 1990's (Clinton) and the 2000's (Bush) the participation number was over 66%.

Woof, woof,


Anonymous said...

What the f--k, who cares what your views are, as GOP Vice Chair. Shall we next debate a resolution to build a wall around the 6th Ward to keep those evil Syrians under a watchful eye. After that, we can debate a resolution to white wash the beautiful Syrian murals that express pride in the Syrian community on the walls of St. George's Orthodox's Church off Fullerton Ave. What is next? Walls for the Hispanic community?- Barry Nelson

Anonymous said...

At 2:16 I think that someone is using Barry Nelson. He was a mature, disheveled man at the republican meeting. He didn't use this type of language or have this type of sophistication. Me thinks that it's Wayne Woodman! That Woodman is just trying to sabotage the republican party, because he can't control it financially.

Anonymous said...

You should have taken the picture from the other end.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Then I would have got you.

Wondering in South Whitehall said...

So Dean Browning is saying a Clinton whitehouse is preferred in regard to getting 16 year olds to work full time?

Seems like convienent numbers of 94 million not working doesn't take into account retirees

Pam Pandl said...

Is it possible that 3 percent are living longer, skewing the numbers