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Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Hero Next Door" Parks Next to Fire Hydrants

John Deutsch is the First Ass't Fire Chief at Nazareth's Vigilance Hose, and was once named a "Hero Next Door" by the now defunct Nazareth Patch. He's also a scofflaw who routinely thumbs his nose at laws designed to save people's lives.

He's a school district employee and routinely parks a district van right next to a fire hydrant at borough hall, when dropping off papers from the Vigilance Hose.

When confronted about this by a Nazareth cop, he answered, "I'm the fire Chief."

Of all people, I would think a fire chief would find some other place to park. And should a school district van be used to conduct other business?

The picture you see above was taken March 2.


Anonymous said...

Delivering papers for a private organization in a school district vehicle would appear to be a misuse of public property. This guy's arrogance is beyond belief.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I'm the fire Chief." - Hero Next Door

Stories like these is what makes me so popular in the local community, but they have to be told.

Anonymous said...

Bernie!!!!! Same scenario. It's Nazareth and it's allowed. Been that way for years. You should focus your energies in a town that has citizens that care. The people of Nazareth are aok with the status quo and support their routines.

Anonymous said...

So what if he is the fire chief, he should be setting an example! Some of these guys think they are above the law. Sad thing is this goes on all over the place and nothing is done. I myself tried to support the local business's in Nazareth only to get a $15.00 parking ticket. It was more than the haircut I just got, yes i should have put another .25 in the meter but the man stood by the meter and waited for it to expire so he could ticket me. Guess what I go somewhere else for my haircuts now.

What is the school district policy on vehicle usage, and why is he doing business on the tax payers time & money?

Comes down to ENTITLEMENT they are think they are owed!!!

Anonymous said...

No, the van should not be used for other business. Why didn't the cop ticket him instead of asking him about it?

- Merkin Muffley

Anonymous said...

He is using a school van to run personal errands during the day. Who allowed that? Then he has the nerve to park illegally in front of a fire hydrant and has the gaul to dismiss this by claiming privilege as a fire chief. What a bum!

Anonymous said...

the school board should address this asap.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Zat is zomethings we should focus all of our future efforts into figuring out Mein fuh...I mean Mr President

Anonymous said...

Its not an excuse but if he is the assistant fire chief he would have a fire pager on him. Pager goes off van gets moved no biggie. Out of all the issues going on in the boro this makes the top of the list. Priorities people