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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vote For Beyèr

Michael Beyèr, the Democratic write-in state house candidate who was chucked off the ballot by the state supremes, has decided to incorporate his love of France in his campaign against incumbent State Representative Justin Simmons.

His campaign signs, all based on the French ensign, are his way of paying homage to the country that brought us the 35-hour work week. Simmons apparently asked him what he's doing, and Beyèr immediately surrendered.


Anonymous said...

Love the humor, Bernie. Now will you do a serious piece on how Beyer is 30 y/o, never held a sustaining job a day in his life, took 9 yrs to get thru 7 yrs of schooling of which mommy pushed when daddy said he had had enough of his playing video games and doing nothing with his life and his inability to answer questions when asked by prospective constituents on issues that are serious to the district????

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why he is tres Francaise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 11:08, did you complain about Simmons having no job and living in his parents' basement before getting elected?

Anonymous said...

Simmons did have a job. He had to quit his job. What sacrifices did Beyer make?

Anonymous said...

He had to quit is job to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen Beyer! No I sure did not. And, why? Because first of all, Justin's parents never handed him things when he asked for it. If he wanted a new bike he was told to earn money. So since he was 14 yrs old he worked for what he wanted. While in college he had a job. Did Mikey have a job in college? The same college that took him 5 yrs. to complete because he partied his way through. Immediately after graduation from St. Joseph's University, he started working. He was employed by, then, State Senator Rob Wonderling and later State Senator Bob Mensch. In order for him to RUN FOR OFFICE he needed to step down from his position....making him UNEMPLOYED BY CIRCUMSTANCE! That is something that all of the Lehigh VAlley gets but you, Karen Beyer! So, while "unemployed by circumstance" he took your sorry a.. out of office! Thank God! And, now here you are throwing your sorry a.. son into something he's not ready for. He's still a child. He's scripted. But, I guess that him not having a job and you being a copier salesman gives you two plenty of time to play DEBATE! So, to answer the question, again, NO I was not bothered by Justin Simmons following the rules....something you are not familiar with doing!