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Monday, October 06, 2014

183rd State House Candidates to Debate

Twenty-year incumbent Julie Harhart came under criticism by The Morning Call's Bill White during the primary, when she was too busy to debate fellow republican Marc Grammes. White, who called her a "living advertisement for term limits" also called her "someone who can be relied upon to vote however the party leadership tells her to vote ... ."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

But are Independent Michael Molovinsky or Democrat Terri Powell any better? This is your chance to find out. Molovinsky has begged me NOT to endorse him. Something about being the kiss of death. But how could you not vote for someone with his winning smile and easy manner?

Photo credit Michael Molovinsky.  I think he's trying very hard to smile 
He had it placed strategically so that it's the first thing Julie Harhart sees when she goes to her office. I think she dove into the Lehigh.

Molovinsky was so good on a recent on-air appearance on WDIY with Alana Jennings that the station manager refused to run it. He was afraid it might upset the powerful. That's why Molovinsky should be elected.

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Bernie O'Hare said...

The Bog Mentor's attempts to vilify MM are probably going to get him a few votes. What a hate-filled person! I've deleted all his hate here.