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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Wit and Wisdom of Nazareth Mayor Carl "Sneakers" Strye

Strye (far right) and his homies display their gang signs
He's above  the  rule of law:

"I don't care what a judge says."

Innocent? Schminocent.If someoneis charged, he must be guilty, Though acquitted of criminal charges in Court proceedings he never witnessed, Strye wonders why there was no sentence:

"Since the sticker gang didn't get any kind of sentencing, they were sort of let go ... . Now, people think they can get away with it."

On police failure to release the description of a possible abduction victim:

"We can't just blindly give out a description when things are still unfolding."

On serious allegations of police misconduct in Nazareth:

"Mayor Carl Strye Jr. said today he would look into the allegations -- but pick and choose which ones. He said the majority of claims, in his opinion, are one-sided and baseless."

On negotiating with the Fraternal Order of Police:

It's like a "fireman negotiating with an arsonist."

He makes suttle [sic] changes:

"Listening to the voices of the people and making suttle changes to benefit all. Thansk again."

On canceling annual fireworks after Borough refused to grant monopoly to his fire company on ice cream sales:

"We have to keep fighting with (council), and begging and we're tired of it."


Anonymous said...

Good man! He is trying to fight the new goon culture in Nazareth. Druggies, homeless and check forgers. Sad days.

Anonymous said...

Don't speak of the Mayor,Trachta, and Troxell that way! Not everyone in Nazareth is like them.

Anonymous said...

At least he never imposed a commuter tax on county employees. That's just rotten.

Anonymous said...

"If it looks like the StickerGang, it puts stickers up like the StickerGang, it must be the StickerGang!"

"what are we going to do today cupcake? Same thing we do ever day Sneakers, try to bring down the StickerGang!"

Anonymous said...

The "goon culture" is a product of the economy that people like you willingly accepted. There are no jobs and pay and benefits are cut or stagnant. But it's all in the name of capitalism and you are just waiting for your shot at the dream, right Gomer? Vote Republican so you can be rich too!

UNT said...

This is hearsay, and it is coming from a high school student, BUT I am told the perpetrators of the Bulls stickers will never be prosecuted because of who they are. It is well known within the HS in several circles. IT is also not a coincidence that alot of the stickers are near the high school/elementary school.

Bernie O'Hare said...

UNT, My guess is they were high school kids and may have put them up after or during Friday night's game. I am sure some HS students will talk if Trachta tortures them.

Anonymous said...

Let them not get prosecuted, it'll just reinforce the StickerGang case where "selective prosecution" occurred. The town can't hide the facts any longer, they've made numerous errors in recent events that support these facts. It wouldn't suprise me at all if whomever is responsible has ties to the police and the mayor.

UNT said...

Exactly 9:40, and Bernie.

Anonymous said...

@UNT they're already being accused

UNT said...

@10:46, whos being accused, the sticker gang? only by idiots and those trying to hide from the facts. Bernie is right, it is some dumb HS students.