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Sunday, October 26, 2014

It May Not Be a Crummy Stadium Much Longer

Bob Smith, who presides over the Allentown School Board, has announced a "special" meeting on Tuesday to untable the resolution that will name the Allentown Stadium field after Andre Reed. I am informed that the J. Birney Crum stadium will retain its name.

Reed, a NFL Hall of Famer, apparently said naughty words. Some people in Allentown thinks the notion of honoring a man who says naughty words is ridiculous because no one ever does anything wrong there.

Hey, if naughty words are good enough for the Pa. Supreme Court, they're good enough for Allentown.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith should take a walk down the hallway at Dieruff or Allen. He will hear much worse than what Andre said. Most students at these fine institutions use the bomb as punctuation for their eloquent discourse.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reed was intelligent to leave Allentown years ago and for good reason

Anonymous said...

they were not changing the stadium name , just naming the field @ J Bernie Crumm to Reed field.+

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are correct. It ius just the field.