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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hanover Tp Proposes Yet Another No-Tax-Hike Budget

Chair John Diacogiannis
Since 2008, there's been no tax hike in Hanover Township. If Township manager Jay Finnigan and Treasurer Ryan Kish have their way, there will be no increase next year, either. Kish provided Supervisors with copies of the 2015 proposed budget at last night's meeting. Though he's projecting an 8 1/2% increase in both revenue and expenses, he projects no need for additional tax revenue.

Supervisors will review the Budget during at least two meetings before deciding whether to adopt or amend it.

In other business, Supervisors reviewed sketch plans from developer Abe Atiyeh for a mixed commercial and residential development called Farmhouse Mews, located along the southeast corner of Airport and Hanoverville Roads in both East Allen and Hanover Townships.

Represented by Engineer David Harte and Chief Operating Officer Mickey Thompson, Atiyeh is proposing 20 retail units at the intersection. To the east, he is proposing 88 upscale townhouses, to be built by Ryan Homes. Only 20 of these townhouses will be in Hanover Township, with the southerly most home located at least two football fields away from the nearest home in Hanover Township. The homes will be clustered and surrounded by an expanse of open space, to be maintained by a homeowners' association.

Last year, Supervisors expressed concern about stormwater runoff, as well as sewer capacity. Harte accommodated those concerns with two huge basins for runoff. He also stated that there is both sewer and transmission capacity at the site.

Solicitor James Broughal cautioned Harte he will have to enter into a time-consuming inter-municipal agreement involving sewer and transmission capacity with Hanover, East Allen and Bethlehem, Harte agreed, stating that Bethlehem is "looking favorably" on the project.

Sketch plans are presented in order to get feedback from the public and Supervisors, not for a formal approval. "You're not hearing anyone jump up and down and say, 'No way!'" stated Chair John N. Diacogiannis after generally favorable comments.

"Score!" responded Mickey Thompson.

Supervisors also accepted, "with regret", the resignation of long-time Zoning Hearing Board member Paul A. Balla. Diacogiannis suggested a letter thanking Balla, to be signed by each Supervisor and members of the staff. "The amount of service he has provided to the Township warrants a sense of appreciation from all of us," he stated.

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