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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Emails John Brown Wants No One To See: Part Two

Last week, Northampton County Executive John Brown's Administration blocked two emails that Controller Steve Barron sent to county workers. This is the second.

-------- Original message --------
From: "Stephen J. Barron"
Date:10/24/2014 10:51 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: All Northampton County Employees
Subject: Controller Update

Dear Employees:

I wanted to update you all and let you know that the link to the fraud reporting form is still up and active. It is not on my web page anymore, but I hope to work that issue out soon. The link is as follows:


I appreciate the interest to this point and will be sure to follow up on all information I received through this form in a timely manner.

I have been asked by several people about open positions and the audit that my office conducted that shows hiring additional employees is cheaper than being understaffed and paying overtime. This audit can be viewed here:


Skip ahead to the final two pages to see the math and justification of this assertion I have made at the last two Northampton County Council meetings.

On a final note several people have asked me about new hires. Specifically Nancy L. Jones. Well I have discovered Ms. Jones will most likely be hired as the executive secretary to the Director of Fiscal Affairs. This position has been vacant about 2 years (possibly longer). The salary range for the position is $36,628.00-$52,114. If she is brought in at step 3 this would be $39,998.00 per year salary.

I will continue to update you as I get additional information and am asked questions. Thank you for allowing me the time to reach out and communicate with you via e-mail.

All the Best,

Stephen J. Barron, Jr.
Office: 610-559-3185
Report Fraud in Northampton County:


Anonymous said...

The County SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to bring in staff higher than the starting rate. This is common practice for a chosen few and it is counterproductive to moral.

Anonymous said...

This email is unprofessional and delves into areas not under his purview. "I have been asked" is hogwash and a cover story to attack the Executive. The appropriate course of action would be to respond just to "the people that asked" not to send out a mass email to every employee.

Anonymous said...


The Central Scrutinizer said...

OK, I can see why Brown and his outsourced IT people want this removed. You cannot have county business conducted through a site like "http://www.emailmeform.com" that any staff member can set up. That's ridiculous. If they had their own IT dept, then it is completely appropriate to ask them to create an official county for on the official county website. This is some guy going rogue and creating stuff on his own. I don't blame Brown on this grounds alone.

Anonymous said...

Barron just answered the question. It was a straight answer. Brown is a fool. I'll nominate him for the CUPCAKE award. Any second?

Anonymous said...

Points are well taken. Barron has two issue here. The first is the "fraud hotline" that is fair. Even when Schimmil was Controller and Ron Angle was on council he advised people to use it as a weapon against Reibman. So the potential of abuse is always there. In fact Schimmel ended up being seen as just a lackey of Ron Angle's political vendettas. Barron is part of the result of that.

The hotline while open to abuse by self-serving officials should remain. However, Barron's emails that a purely political posturing and delve into employee relations should be blocked. They have nothing to do with official county business to his responsibilities. He is doing what he and McClure do best, pander. that is why they are referred to as the Pander bear twins.

Anonymous said...

You know maybe it is not pandering. Maybe they think what is going on is wrong. It is not just the health insurance. It is the whole way this is being done.

Anonymous said...

Why should this be a secret. I thought his administration was transparent. I don't understand what the big deal is. I see nothing wrong with either of these emails. Thank you Mr. Barron for not being a puppet like the rest of the administration.

Anonymous said...

Really? You would give the guy who holds power the website that would whistle blow the abuse of that power?

Next you'll say that the oil companies should own the patents to the 100mpg car.

Or fracking companies the power to write reports on how safe it is and that explosive gas coming out their faucet just speeds up the cooking process. ... like a convection oven only cheaper

Anonymous said...

So the director of fiscal affairs...a job newly created (and a ***substantial raise*** was given to this person in this newly appointed position gets an executive secretary??? And this excuative secretary (aka John Browns friend) gets to get an unposted job at the county starting at step 3....which is NOT allowed in any other department to VERY qualified new employees. Do I have this right???? Bet you she also starts with 4 weeks vacation as well.
Meanwhile the rest of us pee-on professionals with years of experience and a bunch of county loyalty and investment into our jobs enter into management positions, lose two weeks of vacation time, get a ton more work and responsibility and get years of pay freezes. Northampton county is going to Hell, we are ALL falling apart at the seems, seasoned knowlageable staff are leaving in drones and county residents who need services will not get what they need all because the ruler Jon A Brown is sinking the ship.
I really hope tax payers can get some understanding of the issues going on in Northampton County. Please educate yourselves! Brown and his buddies are very dangerous and are not good for the best interests of residents in this county!!!

Anonymous said...

Not all county employees got the e mail

Anonymous said...

The director of fiscal affairs is not a newly created position. It has been vacant since Vic mazziotti left and doran haman has been acting director of fiscal affairs. JB had every right to fill this position and also the executive secretary position that has been vacant since the last one left. WhT is wrong is that the new exec secretary may not be starting at the lowest step. Other than that it all seems ok other than the fact that she is one of browns friends...which says a lot. I am prejudging, I know but Cathy Allen and Luis campos are the most arrogant, unfriendly people. They look at you and look away. They don't acknowledge the county workers at all.

Anonymous said...

Well if we are looking at positions and not throwing bodies without evaluating the need, then I ask how the hell did we get along for over a year, maybe 2 without a secretary in that slot? Doran Haman did fine and probably still is doing all the work. What a double standard.