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Friday, October 31, 2014

Don't Count Corbett Out

Corbett in a Bethlehem visit this year
At this time last year, I had written off Bangor Mayor John Brown in the Northampton County Executive race. So had everyone else, and the end result is that he defeated John Callahan, a better known and financed candidate, Now, when I hear people write off Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, I cringe.

His politics mirrors the state. He is moderate to conservative on most issues. But as a former prosecutor, he lacked transparency in the beginning of his stint in office. This hurt.

His draconian budget cuts hurt, too.

Enter Democrat Tom Wolf, a nice guy. He's still ahead in the polls, and is campaigning very hard. Democrats have a million voter edge statewide. But don't kid yourself. He will lose if Democrats stay home. And that could happen. There are no real exciting races bringing people to the polls.

In Philadelphia, where Wolf needs a big win, his campaign is refusing to dole out the street money that is common on election day. His appearance there with Obama this weekend will be used against him in the rest of the state.

Although I think Wolf will win, I also believe the race will be much closer than the experts predict.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting on Corbett.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you are.

Anonymous said...

5-8 point wolf win

Andy said...

Corbett can still win, and you're right, the Obama appearance wont' play well outside Philly. But what about all of the liberal billionaires (Tom Steyer, et al) supporting his campaign? That shouldn't play well either, nor should their obsession with promoting global warming over energy production. Right?

Anonymous said...

The race is a referendum on Corbett. I plan on voting against him because he has failed to enact pension reform, failed to sell the state stores, no property tax reform and PA's credit rating has been downgraded under his watch. Oh but he did raise our gas tax so now it's $.30 cheaper in NJ. His last budget was unbalanced garbage. As a Republican, I refuse to support fiscally irresponsible Republicans like Corbett, Christie, and LOC John Brown. This race has been over for a year. He's toast. Wolf 55-45.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stay home again on election day!! Your vote does count, as those in NC are finding out the hard way!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid you're right and I only thought this last evening as I watched the news conference regarding the capture of Eric Frein. Voters need to get to the polls on Tuesday and vote out all of these austerity candidates. They do not help the economy one bit.

Anonymous said...

Wolf loses because of his beard.

Lighthearted as it sounds, think of the last elected official, governor or US President that had facial hair.

Samuel Pennypacker was the last PA governor with facial hair in 1907. Taft was the last President with facial hair in 1913.

Older generations - the ones who vote - find facial hair from mustaches to beards makes a person look untrustworthy.

Why do you think Mayor Ed lost his once he ran for Mayor?

Outside the mysterious voter aversion to facial hair, this election will be close because I don't expect Democrats to vote in the numbers like they have with the exception of the teacher unions who really don't like Corbett.

The Central Scrutinizer said...

Lighthearted as it sounds, think of the last elected official, governor or US President that had facial hair.

Jon Corzine.

Anonymous said...

So Wolf is financially responsible. He is a democrat and therefore can not be. He will raise taxes. He won't fight for property tax reform and he is a sheep for Obama.
Good move voting for him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I already did. But Democrats are going to need to turn out if they expect to see him win. I like Corbett, but his cuts to social services were too much for me to abide. Also, he avoids taxing wealthy gas companies but thought nothing of an increasing gas tax that will really hurt those of us with limited financial resources and income. I don't consider him the evil demon that many Democrats seem to think, but he did not earn a second term.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mandrake the Magician was elected to county council in Northampton County with a goatee. Anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Just like to said the boy mayor in bethlehem would win by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue for the voter is that neither is caliber to be governor. Corbett has proven that with his pompous attitude and few solution attitude and his opponent reminds me of Brown or a sheep in wolf`s clothing...no idea what you are going to get.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are fed up with Corbett, and he may hurt other Republicans by deterring their base from coming out. Which is rare for Republicans. Unlike Democrats, Republicans vote on non-Presidential years too.

And no matter what everything says, many people blame Corbett for Sandusky and Joepa's death.

Oh, and Republicans already showed no faith in Corbett. Chris Christie is flying to The beer & brats state and Florida. Yet he won't cross the Free Bridge for Corbett. His next door neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Democrats won't stay home in the numbers needed for Corbett to win. Too many of them and republicans are pissed off at his cuts in education, being in the pocket of Oil & Gas, adding to the gasoline tax, trying to sell a state run business that actually makes money (liquor), and much more.
His attempts and successes over the last 4 years has affected enough people who are angry enough to get out to vote and kick his ass to the curb.
His huge defeat by the numbers will be his greatest legacy, to be used by political pundits making comparisons in future races.

Mike Schmidt Fan said...

at the end of the day Corbett got slaughtered