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Monday, October 27, 2014

High School Football: How to Stop Losing ... and Hazing

Becahi destroyed Allen on Saturday afternoon, 56-12. It was actually 56-6 at the end of the first half. The Golden Hawks benched their varsity and sent in the JV squad to play the second half. Many Beca fans -  and I was one of them - were hoping that Allen would score once again before the end of the game. They did, in the closing moments.

I feel for the kids on any losing team. But in Allen's case, you can see why the program is in such disarray. Look at their stands. Aside from their marching band, practically no one is there. No father to encourage his son. No mom to worry. No alumni to act as boosters for a once great school. If parents and family fail to get involved in their kids' lives, this is what happens.

During half-time, I noticed something a bit out of the ordinary - a high school football player (Charlie Falteich, a 5'4" Junior) playing in the band. I'm told this is also the case at Dieruff. I have no idea how someone goes through both football and band camp, but things like this have to be very positive for both football players and bandies. It also creates an atmosphere in which hazing is far less likely.

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