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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Rivalry is Brewing In High School Football

Stroudsburg High School's Marching Band took to the field before Saturday night's Battle of the Unbeatens between Bethlehem Catholic and the Mounties, played in Bethlehem. In what has to be the best band performance I've seen this year, they played a few tunes from Despicable Me! When the Mounties finally left Bethlehem on Saturday night, most Beca fans would agree. A touchdown late in the 4th quarter put them ahead, 23-19. Becahi moved the ball valiantly, but faltered, with Fabulous Freddie Simmons tripped by a Mounties as he went for a ball that fell harmlessly ten yards ahead of him. It was not to be.

I could give you all kinds of reasons for the loss. I could say that Beca was too cocky and overconfident, and they were. I could blame the officiating. I could point to at least three turnovers. I could point to three personal fouls against Beca and a block below the waist that seemed designed to take Michael "M1" McDaniel put of the game. But the simple reality is that, on Saturday night, the Mounties were the better team.

One thing is clear. These teams really dislike each other. Last night, the Golden Hawks and Mounties Freshmen and JV squads met in Stroudsburg, and it was a war, from beginning to end. Beca eked out the freshmen victory by a razor thin score of 8-6. It was another game punctuated by face masks, personal fouls and late hits.

I sense a new football rivalry is brewing between two closely matched teams that really detest, yet respect, each other.

Their stadium is beautiful, but as I made my way to the visitor stands, I was walking on the track reserved to coaches, players and officials. I honestly didn't know.

"Are you a coach?" a security guard suspiciously asked me.

"Nah, I'm a player," I answered. "I was redshirted a few decades."

Fortunately, he laughed.


Grossy said...

There's nothing better than high school athletics (all sports). Even you, Bernie, have to admit that fact.

Anonymous said...

I was there Bernie and it was a great game. The Express Times has just reported Freddie Simmons has committed to Rutgers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow! Rutgers is getting a great young man.