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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brown Extends Open Enrollment

After COB today, Northampton County Executive John Brown sent a mass email to County employees, explaining the gap insurance in detail. He has also extended open enrollment until November 21. Because some county employees have no email, and others may be off tomorrow, I am posting the email Brown sent below. An employee was kind enough to send it to me.

From: "John A. Brown"
Date:10/30/2014 4:46 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: All Northampton County Employees


     ·      The County will proceed with the changes announced for the 2015 healthcare plan,however the County will provide, at no cost to the employee, a Supplemental Deductible/Coinsurance Plan (GAP Insurance) for each enrolled employee.  This plan is designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses for the employee.

·      Employees will have the ability to revise their FSA Form based on this new information. FSA limit remains the same, $2,500. (When submitting new forms, please indicate “REVISED”)

·      Employees who made health care changes (opt-in, opt-out, removed dependents) will have the ability to modify their election.   (When submitting new forms, please indicate “REVISED”)

·      Employees who wish to modify their voluntary retirement contribution form will have the ability to revise their election. (When submitting new forms, please indicate “REVISED”)

GAP Insurance Details

• Supplemental Plan Deductible and Coinsurance

Each insured person has a $500 annual deductible. After the deductible is met, the insured person pays 10%  of services until they pay $2,100 coinsurance. $2600 total out of pocket per person 2 per family ($5200).
• Maximum Benefit Amount

$4,000 is the maximum benefit amount payable for benefits described on this page during a benefit year for each Insured Person. Limit 2 per family ($8000).

Meeting schedule to follow.

Supervisors:  Please see that employees without computers receive this message.

John A. Brown
County Executive


Anonymous said...

The GAP policy needs to be scrutinized. This is just a big setup designed to line the pockets of one of Brown's cronies.

Anonymous said...

Limit 2 per family???

Interesting he would send out this email after regular office hours but prior to meeting angry Gracedale workers today.

It seems pretty ridiculous to go to all this effort when he could/should just lower the out of pocket max to begin with....which tells me that one of his friends is going to benefit from this....and by friend, I do not mean county employees.

Anonymous said...

be happy you have a job with benefits you thankless, greedy union pukes

Anonymous said...

@648 you need to seek mental health treatment so you can stop freeloading off the government. Get a job. I have two jobs and none are union. What's ur excuse?

Anonymous said...

the dog and pony show continues.....

Anonymous said...

6:48......Unlike most of the county employees who give and give and give, you are a taker! You take from the government, you take from the taxpayers, you are a bottom feeder, you are an anchor on society. You are probably living in your mommies basement! I'm a non-union employee who has had my wages frozen, benefits altered, and my sick time taken away. So enough with the union puke bullshit!

Anonymous said...

6:48 is probably a common scold who frequently posts here in the dead of night. She criticizes those who work and contribute to society, though she can't find a job herself because she ruined her reputation. Yesterday, the hypocrite wrote "GET A JOB" in a comment she posted on the LVL website.