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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A New Sign Bandit Strikes Nazareth

Nazareth is being besieged again. First it was tiny FT stickers, which stood for "Fire Trachta". They were best seen with a microscope,bit since they criticized Police Chief Thomas "Cupcake" Trachta, he conducted a major investigation. He actually chained, shackled and perp walked the Sticker gang when he though he had them at last.

All charges were dismissed.

Next, it was much larger Chicago Bulls stickers, plastered all over stop signs near the high school. Mayor Carl Strye was really mad. "I don't care what a judge says," he ranted, ready to lynch someone. That case has never been solved.

Now it's a new one. Fans. Leslie Altieri Fans have been tied to a few street signs in town. She's running for State Rep., but is doing so in another district so I don;t understand what evil motive this bandit has.

The pic you see is right by Council member Larry Stoudt's house. He probably should be given a lie detector test or be water boarded.

I have to admit this is outrageous.Once one person starts exercising free speech, everyone starts thinking they can do so, too..


Law abiding citizen said...

The little rebels haven't seen the last of Trachta & Troxell, smart of them to lay low after stickergate but miscreants of their ilk will soon return to deviant behavior worthy of another perp walk.

Anonymous said...

After the election, will a sign be added to that stating: "Lost Dog - 11-4-2014"?

Anonymous said...

Your right...... but I think the walk will be the Mayor first, followed by Trachta, then Troxell since he will give Mayor Sneakers Strye and Chief Cupcake Trachta up for a plea deal.

Anonymous said...

Haha, scattering rubbish at its finest. Will this politician be facing charges? I think I saw Troxell foaming at the mouth when he saw the perp that did this. Stoudt knows too. He of all people is always quick and clever to monitor the street he lives on.