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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easton GOP Spurns DelBacco's Bid For Chair

John Van Arman was easily re-elected as Easton's GOP Chair during their reorganization meeting at the YR club last night. It didn't take long to tabulate the results. Only nine committee members voted. Seven went Van Arman's way. The other two went to Ronnie DelBacco, the LV Tea Party Chair who just yesterday demeaned KidsPeace children by staging an anti-immigration rally at the doorsteps of the facility.

At the meeting, DelBacco said that if word of his latest loss were leaked to me, there would be hell to pay at the next County Committee meeting. So don't tell anyone.

I got the word from some illegal Mestizos, working in the kitchen.

I called my fired intern, Ron Angle, to corroborate this story. "Go to Hell, Bernie. I'm not going to embarrass poor Ronnie by telling you he only got two votes and one was his own. You can torture me if you want, but I want talk."

Then he hung up.


gruntled said...

Was this an undisguised attempt for the tea party to take over the Republican party? Egads, does that send the wrong message!

Anonymous said...

Dude? Where's his eye brows???

Bernie O'Hare said...

They probably burned off during a back blast at the firing range.

Anonymous said...

The tea party is the only reason Republicans win in Northampton County. Stop lying.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The tea party had NOTHING to do with the last Republican victory. hat race was won primarily in the Slate Belt, where the Bulldog lives and barks.

Anonymous said...

Angle is a buffoon and that is why he was kicked out by the voters. He has been a member of every political party at one time or another. No one trusts him and just try to stay on his good side.

He may be feared but he is not respected nor has he ever lifted a finger to help anyone but himself.

Hardly a bulldog but definitely a loud Pomeranian.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the NORCO Republican Party for keeping the teabaggers and kooks out of its leadership roles.

Tom Campione said...

Bernie, I guess you didn't get the memo from Craig DeFranco calling for unity. But then again, as a progressive Democrat it is your sworn duty to attack the Republican party, and of course the conservatives within it.

For those at the meeting last night, I ask that you take it from me a Lehigh Valley new-comer, life-long Republican with no axe to grind. Those who feed Bernie O'Hare knowing full well that he will vilify the conservative faction of the party are primarily responsible for the continued split.

I don't know Craig DeFranco personally, and I have nothing against him. However, I cannot fall-in under his leadership when the people in power feed Bernie O'Hare in order to protect their positions of power.

By the way Bernie, we all know that you post to your own dopey blog as 'anonymous'.

Not Bernie O'Hare said...

I ask that you take it from me a Lehigh Valley new-comer, life-long Republican with no axe to grind. ~ Tom Campione

If you're a newcomer you need to hitch your wagon to some different horses. Having noticed a couple of friends in your Google Circle, you definitely have an axe to grind.

Anonymous said...

"They probably burned off during a back blast at the firing range."


Anonymous said...

Tom Campione evidently hoped to add credibility to his posts by using his name.

However, this is totally undermined by singing the "you're a disbarred attorney", "you post under anonymous on your own blog", and "I have no axe to grind" songs.

Credibility = 80 - 100 = -20.

Tom Campione said...

Well, "no balls to identify yourself" - anonymous, I have never posted as anyone other than Tom Campione, and 'no' I have no ax to grind in the NorCo battle. I definitely have an ax to grind with O'Hare so stop trying to distort what I said.

In my view, O'Hare's a disgusting, vile character and the NorCo GOP people who feed him are preventing this internal conflict from being resolved.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's having fun with DelBacco. But the real story is the GOP's continuing pragmatic approach in a county where they have a marked registration disadvantage and still prevailed easily last November. While Bernie helps keep Ds focused on the shiny object (i.e. Tea Party) that has minimal influence on county GOP politics, Rs remain unified and keep winning in a county where the numbers are stacked against them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He has axes, hatchets, sledge hammers and lots of other things to grind. He's also about three cards short of a full deck. He doses not want me drawing attention to anything that exposes him, DelBacco or the whack job Rats, as they call themselves. The last thing they want is unity. They want to rip the GOP apart. They have failed at every opportunity, but don't like being exposed.

Campione championed bringing Larry Pratt, identified as a "false patriot" by the SLPC, to a tea party meeting. Pratt is also known for views that are racist and ant-Semitic.

Campione thinks anyone who disagrees with him has read Sail Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals". Naturally, he was one of the persons who added to the misery of KidsPeace children yesterday. He's a member of some goofy militia.

I f someone like him hates me, I'm doing something right.

Anonymous said...

If a RAT drinks tea in the forest and nobody is there to observe it, does anybody give a shit? Bernie covers the RATS in hope of embarrassing the opposition party that handed Dems their asses last November, after Bernie surrendered this blog to the Whatisname campaign as an in-kind contribution for the better part of last year. Bernie doesn't have the GOP's best interests in mind. But his work for local Dems has been an abysmal failure and a gift to the GOP. Perhaps that's why GOP committee member Ron likes him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"as a progressive Democrat it is your sworn duty to attack the Republican party,"

First of all, I think progressive Dems might dispute your assessment of my ideology. I am a pragmatist, not a conservative or liberal. I go with what works, not some tired ideology.

Second, I am attacking Ronnie Del Whacko, not the GOP. I do attack the GOP and Democrats, too, but today is not that day.

Third, as someone pointed out, I do not have the GOP's interests in mind. i also don't have the Democrats' interest in mind. I am interested in what works, not what some party tells me to say.

Pillow biting lib said...

Tom is just posturing to impress the ridge st stunner, have you gotten a mezzage yet Campione?

Amend Wun said...

Anyone who sees DelBacco as the future of NorCo GOP doesn't think much of republicans.

Anonymous said...

@3:27 Bernie is more than man enough to take any of the spittle people like you dish out.

Why do you say Bernie is a "cranky old man"? There is nothing here on his blog that supports that accusation. He's old, we all know that and some of us are as well. That sounds like CrAzY talk - she constantly says Bernie is cranky, but then again she says a lot of stuff that isn't true. That's why she and her mother are in trouble over the fine she owes.

Check your facts. Bernie was a lawyer - he wasn't pretending. But that is totally unrelated to politics today. You're throwing out brittle shit hoping something will leave a skid mark.

And please, learn how to spell hypocrite if you insist on using it over and over.

Anonymous said...

@4:36 "Bernie is more than man enough to take any of the spittle people like you dish out." Really? You mean the kind of man who's "status as a disgraced ex-lawyer who is barred from practicing law." "a "booze hound," O'Hare claims"

"O'Hare has never changed his ways; and O'Hare's "ways" still involve a course of evil intent activity that is characterized by, in the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court:
dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude" "the one w/ the "serious emotional problem," as described by O'Hare's own lawyer in the PA Supreme Court's Report,"

You mean THAT man? That's not someone I would defend. You need to do research before you defend a criminal such a this one. Take a look at what he really looks like at http://bloggingdottie.blogspot.com/2009/08/ugly-truth-about-bernard-v-ohare-iii_09.html

"Why do you say Bernie is a "cranky old man"? There is nothing here on his blog that supports that accusation." Because he's like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Check your facts. Bernie was a lawyer" I did check my facts. He was a lawyer who

"was engaging in was the purposeful screwing of grieving families out of civil settlement monies they were entitled to, and highly deserving of: nineteen million, eighty-five thousand dollars ($19,085,000.00) to be exact."

Yea, he's a real winner. And what did have to say about all this? "rolling around laughing and foaming at the mouth". Real nice.

Anonymous said...

It was David Jones who told Bernie about the meeting results

Anonymous said...

Del Wacko is one of the worst people that I have had the DISpleasure of meeting. He is the definition of white trash