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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brown's Three Cabinet Picks Go To Council Tonight

Luis Campos
Three cabinet appointments from Northampton County Executive John Brown sailed through Council's Personnel Committee yesterday, and are on their way to a quick and possibly unanimous confirmation tonight. Under the County's Home Rule Charter, they must be confirmed by a majority vote.

These appointments were first announced late on Thursday, July 10. Brown selected Luis E. Campos as Director of Administration (salary $87,838); James W. Hunter as Director of Fiscal Affairs (salary $87,838); and David Dalrymple as Sheriff (salary $91.422).

Prior to that, Brown had been criticized at several Council meetings for waiting so long. On July 2, Council member Scott Parsons told Brown "the process is taking too long." Fellow Democrat Lamont McClure agreed, and added that Brown had failed to provide "the blocking and tackling of county government."

James Hunter
Ironically, the same Council member who told Republican Brown that he as taking too long yesterday complained, "You didn't give us that much time." Democrat Bob Werner agreed, condemning the "last minute notice" on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm, though the appointments were actually announced on a Thursday,."I just think we need a little more time to review things," he lamented, calling it a "professional courtesy."

Part of their ire was undoubtedly the result of the absence of Democrat Ken Kraft, the Chair of the Personnel Committee. He was unable to make the meeting as a result of a work conflict, and Council President Peg Ferraro elected to run the meeting without him instead of postponing the matter.

Lamont McClure, the fourth Democrat, was absent.

David Dalrymple
Hayden Phillips told complaining Council members that he had "zero difficulty" reaching the conclusion that these are excellent appointments, and suggested a google search would tell them everything they need to know.

All three nominees attended yesterday's confirmation hearing.

Phillips asked Luis Campos to list the highest budget he's ever worked on. He answered that when he worked for Governor Rendell, he worked on budgets of about $8.9 billion. In the private sector, he's managing a $20 million budget.

Fiscal Affairs nominee James Hunter told Council he's "very excited and very honored to work for the County where I live." He is a Slate Belt banker.

Sheriff nominee David Dalrymple, a retired Major in the New Jersey State Police, was grilled by Phillips over the differences between Pennsylvania and New Jersey law regarding licenses to carry firearms. Pennsylvania is a "shall issue" state, meaning that most applications must be granted. New Jersey is much more restrictive.

"It's not my job to interpret or make laws," answered the former cop. "It's to follow laws."

Though Parsons conceded that Dalrymple is more than qualified and intends to vote for him, he believes the Sheriff's position should be filled by a County resident.

"That's something we should look at changing," he said.


Anonymous said...

What's the largest budget Cathy Allen has managed?

Bernie O'Hare said...

She was proposed and rejected. No reason to kick her now.

Anonymous said...

"he worked on budgets of about $8.9 billion"

Seriously?? I mean if reading a budget of $8.9 billion is working on it, I guess but really,really. After the "international business consultant" nonsense J.Brown fed us during the campaign,(just what did he do??) maybe it is time to tone down the hyperbole in the busllshit resumes'.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff nominee, while a nice guy and qualified, has absolutely no experience in PA Sheriff work and responsibilities. In fact, his work was purely police related at the New Jersey State Police Level. Have we not learned what it is like to import these types into our local top law enforcement jobs from the Nazareth debacle? The LTCF is a biggie. In New Jersey, police charge people from Pennsylvania with felonies for accidently straying even though these people have PA LTCF's. Point is that NJ police are not used to civilians carrying firearms lawfully. In fact, they are shocked that it happens in PA. Will this Sheriff follow the law or use his own biases to thwart the law in a cute way? Parsons is correct in conveying his concern.

Anonymous said...

We can be thankful that the Acting Sheriff already denied a LTCF for West Easton's Yosemite Samantha. Nobody can say it was Dalrymple's decision based on NJ bias.

Anonymous said...

6:05 so based on your analogy we here in PA expect the police to work for us and bend the law unlike in New Jersey and New York where they follow the written law.
I know I can't take a pistol on my hip to New Jersey or New York with my Pa. papers but if I do and get caught the law will prosecute.As it should.

Anonymous said...

A bank teller trainer bobble head information taker, would you like fries with your deposit ticket?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The Sheriff nominee, while a nice guy and qualified, has absolutely no experience in PA Sheriff work and responsibilities."

If he's qualified, that should be the end of the inquiry.

" The LTCF is a biggie"

And he answered that concern. His job is to follow the law, not make it up.

If you have a real objection to this, and are not just making partisan points, go to tonight's council meeting and weigh in. My guess is you won't.

Anonymous said...

8:33..You are right! Hunter just a crony pick and nobody really cares. The guy is a glorified loan officer and that's all he is. Brown still paying off election favors to somebody.

Anonymous said...

Too bad no county employees were selected.