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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

NorCo Grandstanding

During his year as Northampton County Council President, Ron Angle added an item to the agenda called the Executive's Report. He wanted to give the Executive an opportunity to inform Council about different topics, or weigh on on a matter being considered during that meeting. That report has morphed into a bi-weekly inquisition. Even when Executive John Brown has nothing to say, he is interrogated by Democratic members of Council with no prior notice or opportunity to prepare. Instead of being an Executive's Report, it's an opportunity for Council members like Lamont McClure, for example, to grandstand.

At last night's meeting, Brown was first quizzed by Scott Parsons about the delay in making cabinet picks. Fair enough. But then Bob Werner drags out an auditor general report from January concerning funds in the Sheriff's office, and demands to know whether recommendations have been implemented. Finally, Lamont McClure felt compelled to take a few shots at Brown's Deputy Director of Administration over her television skills.

Werner and McClure were both just looking for a reason to demean the Executive and grandstand. This is a perversion of the Executive's report, not good government.


Anonymous said...

ok, I gotta call shenanigans on this one.

"he is interrogated by Democratic members of Council with no prior notice or opportunity to prepare"

I recall in the old days, your friend, the afore-mentioned Ron Angle, used to do the EXACT same thing to Reibman. And there wasn't even an Exec Report on the agenda at that time.

Anonymous said...

Lamont's an underperforming ambulance chaser who's misrepresented the facts on every key issue before council in the last five years. He's either or a liar or a bit stupid - or a bit of both.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:55, Ron was wrong then and McClure is wrong now.

Anonymous said...

Last night's council meeting was the typical pre-4th of July meeting with a very light agenda and attendance. With little of substance on the agenda, you just knew that there would be some shenanigans. And LaMutt McClueless was eager to pontificate about Brown's tardiness in filling cabinet positions. To be fair to Brownie, why fill the Director of Court Services position when that entire department will likely be reorganized and may end up under Court Administration? And regarding the Sheriff's position, the unsuccessful Randy Miller lawsuit had to play out, and Brown has advised council that he is conducting a search, which could come up with some good candidates. The default is Zieger, who by anyone's admission has done, and would continue to do a highly credible job in that position. Fair criticism regarding the Director of Fiscal Affairs. We need real leadership there with someone with an extensive accounting and finance background. The real disappointment is Director of Administration. If Brown is sandbagging that appointment by hoping that Cathy Allen will prove herself to council in an acting capacity, that is despicable. She is hardly qualified for the Deputy Director position. Brown is making NO effort to find more qualified candidates for county administrator. He is trying to usurp the will of council by allowing his crony to stay in that position. Norco's citizens deserve better.

Anonymous said...

9:14. You criticize Lamont for "grandstanding" then your entire post cites everything he said. Either you are a closet supporter of Lamont or your just a slow individual incapable of understanding your own logic.

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle was so unprofessional and vile towards Reibman and his cabinet, Reibman stopped going to meetings so that county council could actually get things done. Only a few cabinet members continued to attend.

Stoffa was Angles boy so they worked out the report and Angle was a quiet little fella for eight years.