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Monday, July 07, 2014

Religious Hypocrisy

"She's really lazy. All she does is sit on her stoop all day long."

- "How do you know that?"

"Cuz' I spend all day watching her."

I was reminded of that little story when trolling through Facebook this morning, and stumbling upon another Ronnie DelBacco special. He's one of the appropriately-named Rats, the name that NorCo GOP extremists have given to themselves. He also considers himself a devout Christian who wears his religion on a sleeve and talks about how much he loves Jesus..

In order to demonstrate that NorCo GOP Vice Chair Lee Snover is a godless whore, he snapped a picture of her texting someone, ostensibly during one of the 50 or 60 prayers Republicans say at their meetings.

But if he's snapping photos, then what's he doing during the prayer? Tom (I really want to be a judge) Carroll snarks that he saw her texting during prayer, too.

This reminds me of another story, and a true one.

When I was a kid, we lived very close to St. Theresa's Holy Roman Catholic Church in Hellertown. I had to go to Mass every frickin' day. But my Dad skipped out quite a bit. One day, the Pastor confronted him about his numerous absences from the House of God.

"You know, Bernie, I look out during Mass and I never see you there."

- "Father, Father. If you spend all your time during Mass looking to see who's there and who's not, you'll never get anything out of it."


Anonymous said...

There is no place for a sadist in the house of God. I am sure those days were hard for you, hence your childish and embarrassing rebellion as a drunk and a disbarred lawyer, now relagated to living in a filthy box with no running water, in a Borough you detest because a police chief properly charged a psycho named rosie, and criminal named Gehret.

Csf said...

Lee is in the wrong party

Anonymous said...

@9:41 There's no place for religion in politics.

Bernie's housing choices are looking up. Having an abode to call his own close to the court house will allow him to save on transportation costs.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"There is no place for a sadist in the house of God."

I was always taught that church is for sinners, not saints.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:01 is the same guy that hopes to rent a room from O'Hare in the house he will never have. He is already living up his butt.

Anonymous said...

Good one 3:57. Next year your 5th grade classmates will be able to give you even better retorts.

Anonymous said...

The meeting should have been in the courthouse where Bernie could have reported the truth instead of Ronnies version. That is exactly what Ronnie wanted his version only filled with untruths. Need open meetings where the press can report what really went on.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie likes to call others Rinos. Well he is a CINO, Christian in name only. Dirtbag couldn't even be trusted to cast his proxy votes the way 2 real Christians proxy owners had instructed him.

Guy Williams said...

If you think theres skullduggery among Norco Republicans nothing compares to the current brand of Chicago politics about to happen with the Lehigh County Democratic party. What happened last meeting was just a start. Tomorrow night the players meet again for round two. The rumblings behind the scene indicate the worse scenario and finally whats needed for the Lehigh republicans to reemerge as a viable political choice. Youll have a lot to chew on,Bernie, and look forword to your commentary.

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle and Snover received the PA Pro-Life endorsement. Do the RATS have a problem with that? Bob Kilbanks what say you?

Anonymous said...

Come on guys stop being so tough on Ronnie Angle. Yes we all know the ten commandments he would hang at council was part of this religious stick but it was all in good fun.

Anonymous said...

I know it doesnt have to do with your post but i finally found a federal judge i like. Love the way he tells the supreme court to STFU


figure I'd share it with you since he is a fellow blogger bernie

Anonymous said...

806 pm
The article and most comments are about Ronnie Delbacco, not Ron Angle. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie DelBacco has no real reason to attack Lee Snover except
the politics of personal destruction, a really unchristian and unethical practice. It says a lot about Character or the lack there of.

Last year at Heritage Day the Snovers who do not live in Easton, manned the CERC booth all day, Ronnie was nowhere to be seen. Last Sunday Lee Snover did 3 hours of door to door with Doc Moylan, again Ronnie was a no show.
Ronnie thinks he should lead the CERC ! He is all hot air and not willing, nor capable of filling that position.