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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strouse Campaign's Dunning Emails

I don't know how this happened. I'm sure things like this happen to everyone. I somehow ended up on Kevin Strouse's mailing list. He's running for Congress in Montgomery against Republican Mike Fitzpatrick. That never bothered me until today, when I got an email from him that made it sound as though he was a creditor after me for an unpaid bill. Or that someone is suing me again.

Uh oh.

The heading was "[!] Bernie O'hare ➡ ACTION PENDING "

When I clicked open the email, it was a request from the Strouse campaign. They want me to fill out a "one minute" survey that would probably last all morning and end up asking me to sign over all my assets, which would take one minute.

Here's the thing. If you're running for office, about the most stupid thing you can do is send an email with a heading like the one above. It pissed me off enough to demand his campaign to take me off their stupid list and to write this blog. I imagine it annoyed the hell out of some Montgomery County Dems, too, although most of them have their servants open their email.


WestEastonPA.com said...

He must have hired an email marketer. Really stupid for anyone who is running for office. It's common to get this crap from those selling Viagra (How do they know?), website assistance, and other BS because they only hope to get a sale of about 1 for every 10,000 that are deleted.
The intent is to get you to open it and most do because the fear of missing a real notice has to be allayed.
In this case, Kevin Strouse pissed off people and will probably end up losing votes. If he is willing to fool people when he is running for office, he's going to try and fool them if in office.

Matthew A. Dees

Anonymous said...

Your speculation of blame towards the email marketing industry is assinine to say the least.

How about blaming a dumb political wannabe blogger like you Matt dees...

WestEastonPA.com said...

Give your name anonymous coward. Make it official, so we know who the real asinine commenter is that doesn't know how to spell, "assinine."

Matthew A. Dees

Anonymous said...

Saying your speculation is "assinine" is akin to saying "Your an idiot!" Dead giveaway.

We can be fairly certain whose keyboard this is from, Matt. The educated yet illiterate political wannabe, who is locked out of some venues for fear staff will be harassed or worse - as has happened in the past and a judgment was rendered confirming same.

Your speculation of the email industry sounds right on target. Ms. Assinine needs look no further than Bernie's post, which she probably didn't even read. $200,000 is a terrible waste of money on a poor education.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name?

And, the intentional spelling of a word towards a real asshole is in order.

Oh, and your website is on the level of a 2nd grader who has already been held back 3 times so in other words, it's retarded and I really don't like to use that word.

Anonymous said...

Honest and real "pending actions" still come by snail mail not emails. What a stupid assessment by another whack job.
Does being a member of the poison posse rob one of common sense?

Bernie O'Hare said...

What's in a name? The names you used will cost you $67,140.

This common scold pretends everyone is stalking her, but is unable to resist stalking everyone else.

Anonymous said...

As if her misspellings are intentional. What's her reasoning for misspelling "judgement"?
She will always use pseudonyms and be Northampton's example of a loser.