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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bethlehem Food Co-op Hosts a Picnic

To celebrate passing the 150-member threshold, Bethlehem's Food Co-Op had a picnic at South Mountain Park on a hot July Saturday. Burgers with all the fixins', including veggie burgers were the specialty du jour. In addition, Matty Sarro out on a canning demonstration to preserve a three-berry jam.

This food coop was born after downtown Bethlehem resident Jaime Karpovich spent forty minutes in search of a red pepper, and complained a "real" grocery store was needed in the heart of the City. The co-op is now incorporated as a non-profit, and hopes to open its doors next summer at a still-to-be-dertermined location.

Matty Sarro and Kathy Fox start the canning by boiling jars in hot water.

The next step is filling the jar twith three-berry jam.

The filled jars are then boiled about 20 minutes, leaving a jam with a shelf life of two years.

Matt's wife and a friend await the finished product.

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