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Monday, July 07, 2014

Got Milk?

Did you know that, at one time, there were at least 25 dairies in the Bethlehem area? A friend of mine has a collection of milk bottles from the following local milk vendors: Bethlehem Sanitary, Szeps; Titus M Reiss (Friedensville); CM Chamberlain; E.O. Biery; Clover Leaf Farms; Long's Dairy; Sunny Brook; Meyer Dairy; Suter's Dairy; F ad S Matz; Green Pond Farms; Frederick Frick (Fountain Hill); Fairview Dairy; Saucon Farms; Can Ruth Dairy; Granville E Paulus (Broadhead); Suncrest Farms; Weyhill Farms; Brookfield (Hellertown); Paulus Dairy (Butztowns); Avondale; Mowrer's; Normington's and East End Dairy.

This guy is a collector, but not of milk bottles, and would like to sell them. If interested, shoot me an email at BOHare5948@aol.com, and I'll hook you up with the guy.

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