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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tom Bachik: Don't Cry For Me Northampton County

Over the weekend, I bumped into Tom Bachik at the Stellar basketball tournament. His son plays on Nazareth's JV team. He was like a different man than when he was working for the County. I hope he doesn't mind me telling you.

Bachik is a former Deputy Sheriff, and was always Exhibit "A" to every argument I had about what is wrong with public sector unions. I was the least of his problems, Over the years, he managed to piss off the Executive, the Sheriff, and finally, the courts. That's the 11th Commandment. "Do Not Piss Off the Courts." I've broken it many times, which explains why I'm going to Hell.

He should have been a blogger.

Anyhoo, what finally did him in was you-know-who's leaked firearms application. Though he was at most a bit player in that little saga, he was forced to resign. I felt a little bad at the time because he was always a good sport about my criticisms here. He was always able to laugh at himself.

Don't feel sorry for him. He's happy. He's sporting a little beard, and tells me he feels so much more relaxed now that he is away from the County, working in the private sector. "No more stress," he claimed. That got me thinking. Deputy Sheriffs do have jobs that may seem monotonous, but suddenly can become very stressful. I think he's much better off in his new job, and has enough time in to collect a pension when it's time to retire.

Yesterday, on the way to the courthouse, I saw him on a lunch walk with two other workers. I beeped hello, and he flashed me the finger.

OK, he's happy, not in bliss.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear he landed on his feet ...he was always a good guy as far as i'm concerned..