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Friday, July 04, 2014

Fired Ass't Solicitor's Civil Rights Suit to Move Forward

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Assistant Solicitor Jill Mancini against Northampton County, will move forward. On July 3, United States District Judge Juan R. Sánchez denied a motion to dismiss, though he indicated that the County may renew its motion after more facts are developed.

Mancini, a full-time Assistant County Solicitor, was dismissed in a shake-up when Executive John Brown assumed office. She has argued her dismissal was politically motivated. She also asserts that, under the County's Home Rule Charter, she could only be fired for "just cause."

Judge Sánchez reasons that the factual record is only in its preliminary stages, and that Mancini has "alleged sufficient facts to withstand dismissal."

Mancini claims that her termination violates her rights under the First Amendment as well as the procedural due process requirements of the Constitution.

Updated 10:40 pm: You can see the Court Order here.


Rambler said...

Didn't ex-sheriff Miller hint at a lawsuit for his dismissal?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He filed a suit, was denied an injunction and I believe he dropped it.